no spark

<HTML>i got an old moped. The headlight works when u crank it. But theres no spark. any reasons why?</HTML>

RE: no spark

Matt Schmitt /

<HTML>the spark control box is probably busted. Its the box that the spark wire is connected to. the headlight works because the magneto still works.</HTML>

RE: no spark

<HTML>Check the contactbreakers, the condensor, the bobine, the grounding, the HT-wire and the HT-clip, can't be anything else.</HTML>

RE: no spark

<HTML>As long as the bike doesn't use a solidstate ignition, its propably just a bad conection or a burned out coil or plug. Try cleaning it all up at the contact points (places where wires are joined, etc.)

Good Luck and Have Fun,


(the other john)</HTML>

RE: no spark

<HTML>what name and type ect. might help?</HTML>

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