ciao flywheel pulling

I've taken the engine out of my 72 ciao to change the points and condenser. How do you take the flywheel rotor off when you don't have the puller tool and can't get one? bruce

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You can order one from vespasupershop for like fifty bucks...personally I just take my engine into the motorcycle shop, they will usually pull it for you for free.

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When I bought my puller from, it was about 12 bucks if I recall. They should have them in stock,

There's no safe way to remove the flywheel otherwise.


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wow...thats a lot cheaper...50 bucks is the price the guy here in town told me...I just figured thats how much they cost everywhere! Good thing I didnt buy it ;-)

Try this.

Lay the engine on your work bench or table or whatever you have with the shaft side up and the plastic flywheel cover removed. DO NOT lay it on a hard surface like concrete or metal(wooden bench top OK)

Put some shop towels or something under the engine to cushion it a bit,

Get a rubber mallet, DO NOT use a metal one or anything but rubber. Wack the flywheel on the top surface on one side toward the edge. Put on a pair of work gloves, grasp the fly wheel on both sides and try to shimmy it up the shaft. If it doesn't come loose, wack it again with the rubber mallet on another side on top near an edge of the flywheel and try again.

After you get the flywheel cover off, rotate the shaft by hand and note how the points open on the cam. The Woodruff key in the shaft is about the middle of where the points are fully open or TDC. If you note how the old ones are set and put the new ones in the same way on the cam, and screw them down, it is self timing.

When you get it off if you replace the points also replace the condensor. There are two types of condensors, one for a turn signal model and one without. The turn signal model, condensor fits external.

While you are in there replace the rubber seal(bushing on the bottom of the shaft). You can get all the parts at the or from me.

Good luck and Happy Trails

Re: ciao flywheel pulling

Man dont buy one you'll only use it 5 times in a lifetime , go to any mechanic shop, car,motorcycle,lawnmower kinda shop and give them a buck to do it for you.


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The Vespa flywheel isn't like a Bosch or other C.E.V. magnetos with windows that you can use a gear puller on. The Vespa tool is the one to use.


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I've been asking VespaSuperShop about pullers for quite some time. He is out of stock and doesn't know when they are coming in. I ended up having a friend in Italy send me one. Another option for removal can be seen detailed on the website at In fact, the engine in the pictures is a Vespa engine.


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I spoke to fabio at supervespashop and he didn't have the puller tool in stock.He told me to whack it with a rubber mallet and pry it off but I had no luck.A friend of mine works in a machine shop. I'll ask his advice. In the manual it states that by hitting it theres a chance it might become demagnatized. What is this? How can I check this and fix it if it does become demagnatized? THANKS to all who answered my cry for help. bruce

Re: ciao flywheel pulling

Hi Bruce

I have wacked about 50 of them on everything from Ciaos, Bravos, SIs and Grandes. Use a rubber mallet you can buy at a hardware store and you won't demagnatize it. You whack it on top at one edge and then shimmey it up the shaft using both hands to work it up. Prying won't work. Whack it, you won't hurt it. Just don't use anything but a rubber mallet. Only way I know to get it off without a puller.

Most of the pictures on this site or of Grande mopeds I restored and I whacked everyone of them.

Good Luck

P.S. use gloves.

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