Need Garelli info

<HTML>If anyone knows any info or web sites on any Garelli super sport xl or any garelli it would be helpful. thanks scott</HTML>

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I have a 1976 Garelli Eureka Flex and know alot about them.( probably more than is good for my mental well-being). What do you need to know. E-mail me:


RE: Need Garelli info

<HTML>i just got a 1978 Garelli super sport and i don't know the first thing about it. it's in pretty sad shape and needs a lot of work. where can i find information on how to work on it?

thanks, joe</HTML>

RE: Need Garelli info

<HTML>hey joe

well i don't know much about the Garelli's too. If you need parts for it the web site has some parts for garelli's. I know there isn't much on the web. I Also know if you take it to a dealer the coast will be sky high!! (well at lest the deal i went too) I would see if you have a dealer in your area take it there and see what they say. See if they have any info on them. (they will probly tell you that it is rare) well if you have more problems write back maybe i can help you.

Have fun!!!!



RE: Need Garelli info

<HTML>hey man

i have garelli manuels for sale

photocopies of the factory manuels</HTML>

RE: Need Garelli info

I talked to a guy who bought out the garelli warehouse parts inventory when they stopped selling in the us in 1984. he has tons of parts. email him

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