New 70cc kit? Chris?

I remember chris posting about a new 70cc kit that was coming out, and his shop was testing it or something? Does anybody have more info on this?

Re: New 70cc kit? Chris?

You need to talk to Chris at Mopedwarehouse, he has a hot new line of the good ones, Doug D

Re: New 70cc kit? Chris?

I got an email with a quote on some other items but had asked about the kit. He said that it would be available something like mid December (I think, I was also looking for a couple of other parts and it seems like it was mid Dec or mid Nov).

It was supposed to be able to work with existing BiTurbo's, the ones that are made for stock Tomos. I am not sure about the ones for Puch.

If you email him, he responds pretty quick!!


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