more fun honda problems.

once again i'm having a problem with my 78 honda hobbit. yesterday i rode it for about 10 minutes and all of a sudden it started to stall then start and stall. then when it stalled i could start it up and i had to power at all then it would stall. i rode it home and parked it. i went to check it out later about 6 hours later and it started up (not as good as usually, but it started up. i then drove it around the block for a couple times an then it stalled and i couldn't start it again. i left it until today when it started right up (not as easily, once again), i rode it around the block a couple times and it started to stall again. i stopped and it idled like usual with no problems and i gently turned the throttle to pick up pace, and i had no power to move again. it then idled fien again and i tried to move and it stalled. so,i just parked it. i can't figure out what the trouble is. can anyone please help? i don't know if this will help, but i rode it for about 2 hours straight on friday night and nothing went wrong that night. i'm only 14 so i'm not legally riding it yet so my rides are usually short (10-30 minutes) so the dick police in my town don't catch up with me. i'm only going on 1 and a half months of being a moped owner so bear with me. thanks for any help.


Re: more fun honda problems.

Same thing just happened to me on my Hyosung, your carb is filthy and you have trash in the tank and lines ,, once it cools down you get enough gas in the carb that it runs (choke on)(or choke off cause it finally fills the float bowl) for minutes then dies cause it runs out of gas, or its displaced by trash, mine is brand new and I had to take it to shop to get it fixed,, you need to get an inline filter and clean out the carb and tank

Re: more fun honda problems.

i just barely washed the tank thoroughly and i started to run better than ever for a week and a half until now. i live in southern vermont and i have not the slightest clue on where to bring my moped for fixing. should i bring it to a motorcycle shop or what.. ii think fred told me to get an inline fuel filter and i don't know exactly what that is or if i can put that in myself. what should i do?

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Rog is right... it is a dirty clogged carb... I have a PA50... and despite having an inline fuel filter I still had to clean my carb 3 times one summer.

Go and find "How to fix yer Moped"... OK ?

there is a section in there about the inline fuel filter (and you can install it yourself... it is as easy as pooping your pants)

Where to get it fixed?.. ask around your neighborhood and see if somebody who knows motorcycles will fix it.

Or call the nearest lawnmower repair shops... ask them.

Or call close motorcycle shops... tell them it needs the carb cleaned... ask if they do that.

I would tell you to do it yourself.. but the PA50 carb is a big pain in the ass to remove... you have to separate the frame from the motor. (the easiest way is to use ropes over head to lift the frame off the motor a little bit... then remove the carb)

Re: more fun honda problems.

my friends father is a mechanic and was the one who helped me start it up. he took it off and cleaned it. we used a compressor. maybe i should submerge it in carb cleaner overnight? i'm going to head over to the lawn mower shop for an inline filter this afternoon and i'll keep you posted. thanks fred.

Re: more fun honda problems.

Hey how many miles do u have on your 78 honda hobbit

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