From now what to help!

I have a Garelli Katia 1972, im in need of some (usefull help) i think its similar to the garelli eureka. Anyway if amyonme has owned one of these or who has restored one i neeed you rhelp email me pretty please.

Re: From now what to help!

Let's make this even easier on yourself. Ok, tell us all the problems you have so far and also try referring to "Fred's Guide on How To Fix Your Moped". If you need the essentials then ask in the forum. I'm sure some of us can help, rather than all of us submitting an individual inquiry to you and getting you all confused.

Re: From now what to help!

Ron Brown /


Well said! I get an email from someone about once a week who I have been trying to help on the forum. I almost always tell them to post the question on the forum. This way, others get to learn from the answers and I get to learn from other people's replies.


Re: From now what to help!

Chris--Cincinnati /

That is what it is all about Ron!

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