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hi all, anyone know of any websites for used peds?? cant seem to find any.( found cycle trader.com) thanks everyone..........

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austin garvelink /


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excite classifieds. Excite.com has like 154 up today. Some of those are scooters but they still have some up. It's how I found my tomos

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This guy has alot of everything, but,he is SLOW on returning a reply. http://billsmopeds.8k.com He also has a lot of scooter stuff, and earley model peds. Doug D.

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Recycler.com has listings for mopeds and scooters. You have to click on "Cars, Trucks and other Vehicles", then go from there.



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Well, that didn't work. Try this: <a href="http://zippymoped.homestead.com">ZippyMoped</a>;

If not try try this URL: http://zippymoped.homestead.com

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Thanks,Doug! I've been looking for a Franco-Morini MO2 engine.I'll see if he has one.This is the engine which has a filler plug that is also a dipstick on top of the right engine side cover.Anybody sees one,please let me know.THANKS!

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