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I may have solved the mystery of this moped I just acquired - I think it is a Japanese model Hobbit. Does anyone know anything about these? Don-Ohio, I saw your name in a thread (back around July) on, where someone (Kev)mentioned that one of these showed up on eBay not long ago. Did they make them as recently as 1986? Thanks for any help or links that could get me more information (I have to try to get a title for it, and any background would be appreciated).

Re: Moped ID

post a picture! we can't help you w/o that.

Re: Honda Hobbit?

Honda built a moped in Belgium the was sold as the Honda Hobbit. If I recall, you could tell the year by the color.

I owned one briefly several years ago


Re: Honda Hobbit?

Hi,Bill! Unless Fred answers here I'd go to `resources' on this site,then `links' and scroll to `Moped net',then click on it and find `EXPRESSLY MOPEDS' and click on it.The guy called the `Whiz' runs that site and knows his Japanese bikes pretty well.I don't know them very well,but they seem like fairly good quality bikes.O.K.?

Re: Moped ID

Hobbit are also known as PA50's (PA50I... or PA50II)

look behind the headlight on the frame to see the ID tag

Your best bet to see them is to look on ebay... and type in... moped PA 50...

then try "items already sold"... there were probably 5 of them sold within the last 2 months.

Also... if you have specific questions... use the 'search' feature for this forum above... there are probably 100 PA50 questions asked here in the last the ones that apply to you.

Re: Moped ID

Thanks, all - This bike really is a strange one, with the all-Japanese manufacturer plate, model "JT50A", second seat, and orange color. I'm still waiting for snail-paced photo developing to post a pic. However, I am convinced it is indeed a Hobbit (whatever it was called in Japan), and I'll check the links you mentioned. Thanks again! --Bill

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