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I've been looking for mopeds on ebay, since mopeds are scarce/nonexistant where I live. However, the shipping costs that sellers quote are usually hundreds of dollars, which I can't afford to add to the price of the bike. Does anyone know of a cheap way to ship mopeds, say from somewhere like Philly to Atlanta?

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There somethin I think is called amtrack heavy express, ask around at the rail line offices.

There's a coupla different ways, ::pokes the resta the guys:: and I'm sure they'll be posting em for you shortly...(right, guys?).

But a couple hundred is ridiculous, yes....and Ebay sellers love to pump up shipping and rip you off that way, even if the part weighs six ounces, believe it.


Re: Cheap Shipping?

to be fair, shipping a moped is expensive. i think it costs about $125 or so. and the seller might want some payment for his labor (he'd usually have to dissasemble the moped to fit better in a box). so that's your cost.

now ... we've had moped army members drive from kzoo to as far as new york city to get mopeds. so never discount the possibility of just plain driving down for a moped. but if you live in ny and the moped is in calif ... that's probably too far.

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forwardair. 53 dollars oklahoma city to philly.

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Part of the problem is the physical size. A lot of folks on Ebay want to charge for a crate that they have to build. If they in fact did build it, it would cost a few bucks to buy the lumber. Ask if they can quote a price for it to be shipped to a local dock. Most of the freight lines will charge a great deal less if they do not have to carry it to you or to your business. You can also check with them to see if the price is to your door. That would be the most expensive type of delivery.

Another option would be to have the bike disasembled. That may or may not be a good idea depending on who is doing the work. The guy that takes it apart may not have any idea what he is doing and could tear something up. But, if you could ship it ups in say 3 boxes, you would be at a maximum of about $90.00 to ship it.

There are a few folks on Ebay that sell mopeds that are used to shipping them and will quote you a reasonable rate. Any rate will be at least $100.00 to ship to you. (Give or take $20.00).

Forward air has several terminals and they are generally about the cheapest to ship. Some of the folks quote a high price because they do not want to ship a moped. No matter how it gets shipped, it is extra work on their part. (There are a lot of lazy's in the world today. They want you to pay them and then come and get it. When you get there, they will point you in the direction of where the moped is).

Check to see if they are going on a trip or business any time soon. I was bidding on a scooter once where the guy was going to Atlanta for business and was willing to drive his truck with the scooter on the back but I would have to have met him. They may have someone they know going in that direction.

Call or check with a freigt company yourself. Chances are, the person that is selling the moped really has no idea how much it will cost to get it shipped. They are just doing things the lazy way. Keep in mind that the person with the moped will have to carry it to a freigt company so check with them first.

I had gotton a quote for shipping a scooter (honda 150cc) shipped from Califoria. The cost for shipping that ws going to be about 175.00. A moped is a good bit lighter and shipping from California meant going all the way across the country. I had gotten several quotes from New England area from 125 to 150 for shipping.

Keep looking and don't forget to check the local traders. Sometimes you luck up!!

I've gotten two that way and I spent less than I would have spent on just the shipping.


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