'78 Puch wont start

<HTML>I have a 1978 Puch Magnum MkII. It has very low miles and is in great shape appearance-wise. I cannot get it to start. It had sat about 3 years before I got it.

I removed the carb and gas tank and cleaned them and reassembled. I have spark to the plug, but no gas seems to be getting into the cylinder head. Is there a reed? valve or something similar that lets the gas into the cylinder head?

It was my fathers, so I know it ran before it was parked 3+ years ago. It is a 50cc engine, 2 speed. Can anyone help with some suggestions? I am not too familiar with mopeds, I do work on old cars quite a bit so I think with the right guidence I can get it going?

Thanks to anyone who can/will help!!


RE: '78 Puch wont start

<HTML>Check the previous posts concerning similar Puchs here recently...</HTML>

RE: '78 Puch wont start

<HTML>Here is an idea - - you might not be getting fuel to the carb, or the carb itself is plugged up tight. Remove the carb and the fuel line, and make certain each is clear (bloe air with a compressor through the fuel inlet of the carb. If you hear a LOT of air rushing - it's ok) - and make certain your line is ok. Then check to see if gas comes out of the fuel shut off valve when turned ON.


RE: '78 Puch wont start

<HTML>if you connect the gas line to the carb, turn the gas valve on, and hold the tickler down (the little button the holds the float down) gas will run out of the carb provided the gas is making it to the bowl.

if you give it full throttle and try to start it four or five times and the plug isn't getting wet then the gas isn't making it out of the carb there are no reeds in puch mopeds.

good luck


swarm and destroy</HTML>

RE: '78 Puch wont start

WesParker /

<HTML>Check the needle valve inside the carb. Or the jet at the bottom inside the float bowl.</HTML>

RE: '78 Puch wont start

Harry Davis /

<HTML>I had the same problem. 1 make sure you have gas going to the carb. 2 remove

carb. disasemble and clean everthing with gumout. I removed the filter screen

from the carb. and installed a clear plastic gas line filter in the gas line. This

should get you up and running... Let me know</HTML>

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