dellorto 14.14

whats the best jet size for the dellorto 14.14? i have a 51. i've heard one size up or down will slow it down.

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try them out and see. it depends on some other factors, actually, which will depend on your bike.

i have a "jet set" of 49-55. that way you can test back and forth under different conditions.

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Where can i order a set of 49-55 jets? Whats the best online ordering site?

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Ron Brown /


Before you buy jets, make sure your air intake is not restrictive. Try running without air box and/or air filter. Do a plug chop (see Fred's Guide) and then decide what jets you need.


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you can get a set of jets from most moped parts stores. try akron mopeds or handy bikes. also mopedjunkyard.

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What type of moped do you have and what does the air box look like. if you are going to get a bigger carb you have to modify the air box to increase the performence. i bought one and put it on my motomarina sebring and i took out the two air tubes in the air box to increase the air flow and jetted it up to 56 and that thing is a monster now.

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Hey,Ivan! I put a #55 jet in my Minarelli in my Sebring and it runs great! Only after taking out the tubes you talked about and drilling 2 more holes did it reach optimum performance.Sounds like you're talkin' about a Minarelli,too.

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