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I've been working on a 1978 cimatti I found for a little while know got it running nicely and the like. Know I've taken it apart to repaint (it original was a god awful olive green). I;ve just been reading the past posts regarding cimatti's and minareli engines and have several questions which I'm hoping somebody might be able to help me with.

First of all when people talk about the correct transmission oil to use they tend to say almost any oil is alright as long as it's non-detergent. Why must it be non-detergent. (I am using SAE-20 non-detergent)

Secondly when people talk about mo-ped models made by cimatti there's mention of one which came with a rear tank (I assume this means under the seat). And a front tank (I assume this is like the Sach's). If my assumptions are correct both of these are step through versions however mine has a tank on it much like a motor-cycle. Is this one of these varieties or some kind of misfit?

Thirdly has anybody rigged up there mo-ped to charge a battery and run the ligts etc off of that thinking of adding some extra accesories maybe a radio or something?

Fourth just how commonly do mo-peds get stolen is it worth divising some kind of a chain lock so it won't role or would having a key switch and bicycle lock be enough to deter people?

Fifthly I'm pretty sure thats not a word but I'll keep going. I've seen some mo-peds with really cool looking 4 or 5 spoke wheels compared to the standard multi-spoke (bicyccle style) wheels it currently has. Would it be possible to retrofit these onto my bike or even better has somebody done it. as well as where would I find a set of these?

And finely does anybody have any idea as to how hot the exhaust / piston head gets during operation more specifically does anypart of a mo-ped ever exceed 400 F during normal operation or when it malfunctions?

Well if you've made it this far a commend you on navigating your way through my ramblings. If anybody has any answers to these questions or some insight it'd be greatly appreciated

thank you.


P.S. it's new color is going to be a metallic blue

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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