motobecane wiring

i had the engine on my 77 motobecane 50v apart and i am now trying to put it back together. i didnt write down the wires when i took it apart, so i need help. the only wires im not sure of are the blue wire from the condenser, the red wire from the ignition stator winding, and the gray wire that goes to the ignition coil. im pretty sure those three wires go to the points, but im not sure. please help


Re: motobecane wiring

Ron Brown /


You are right. Just make sure you have the nylon washers in the right place so you do not accidentally ground the wires.


Re: motobecane wiring - Diagram

Does anybody have this diagram on paper ?

I found a lot of wiring diagrams, but non of them descripe the wiring behind the magneto.



Re: motobecane wiring - Diagram

Ron Brown /


The two power output wires go to two separate lighting coils. The other end of the coil is grounded.

The ignition energy coil is also grounded at one end. The other end is connected to the moving points contact. The condensor and power to the ignition coil are also connected to this teminal, which is grounded when the points close. The condensor case is also grounded.

If you read this with a pencil in your hand, you can most likely draw it, then add your wire colors.

I have not seen a schematic of the magneto either but other brands work the same way and have magneto details.


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