hi all, i have the chance to buy a 1982 honda urban express. it needs some cosmetic work, runs pretty well(i rode it, pretty good speed, better off the line then my puch) can anyone tell me info on this model? is it worth the $300.00 this guy is asking? he states theres a rescrictor of some sort that can be removed to bring the speed from around 30mph to around 40mph. any truth to this? is it easy to modify? are they reliable? it needs the usual( tires,tubes,etc. i think speedo said 3400 miles or so. the only negitive i can see is he doesnt have a title, but says i can bring it to dmv for them to inspect it for $20.00, and they give me a title.what do all of you think about this? sorry so long. any and all info would be gratful. thanks......

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Ron Brown /


You don't say what state you are in, but I would find out about a title from the DMV, not the seller.


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thanks ron, anybody know anything about this ped?

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don,ree, anyone???????????

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On this site: Click `resources',then `links',scroll down to `moped net',then scroll to `Expressly mopeds'.A site for Hondas!

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