tomos targa lx kickstand!!!!

hi i recently just bought a tomos targa lx and every time i turn sharp the kickstand seems to scratch along the ground has any one had this problem or no how to fix it i would really apreciate some help thank you


Re: tomos targa lx kickstand!!!!

chuck russo (va) /

the only way to fix it is to put a sidestand on it

u can buy them from

Re: tomos targa lx kickstand!!!!

J. Sailor /

I have not been on a Tomos that doesnt do it. My local dealer has this binder of service service bulletins. I remember a fix for that in it, but I don't remember details. I hope to scan in the book soon and

offer it to everyone as a download. Until then LET THE SPARKS FLY!

Re: tomos targa lx kickstand!!!!

thanx guys

Re: tomos targa lx kickstand!!!!

oh yea and about the side stand the owners manual and the dealer i bought it from told me to always start it with the rear wheel of the ground would it hurt it if i started it with the real wheel on the ground

Re: tomos targa lx kickstand!!!!

Chris MWH /

It wont be any problem to start it with the wheel on the ground. The manufacturer has to tell you to start it off the ground for to cover themselves should someone start it and it takes off on them. We have the newest style tomos sidestands in chrome for $22.00. We also have another stand in chrome made specifically for the puch maxi.

Chris MWH


Re: tomos targa lx kickstand!!!!

Chris, Do you have a web sight with the parts and prices that you have for stuff?

It seems like the prices you quote are not too bad for new stuff. Do you sell the 60cc cylinder kit for the Tomos? I am going to get a Bi-turbo pipe for my Tomos and saw one for sale for 80.00 including shipping but would wait if I will have to get another one if I get a cylinder kit.


Re: tomos targa lx kickstand!!!!

i had that problem on a puch. you can fix it but its not easy. i took the kickstand off, used a handheld grinder to cut the stops on the top of the kickstand off, and welded them back on. when you weld them back on you have to put them in a little different position rolled a little back so when the stand is up it is farther up than it used to be. a quicker way is to jack the moped up with the jack underneath the kickstand while the kickstand is in the up position until the moped is off the ground, then sit on the moped and jump enough to bend the kickstand up. It works but it makes it weaker.

Re: tomos targa lx kickstand!!!!

Reeperette /

Yeah, most Tomos do that after a while, just one of them things...

I learned to slip my toe under there and jam it up against the bottom of the transmission as I take off, but in the long rung, just get a sidestand.


Re: tomos targa lx kickstand!!!!

thanx for all your help

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