Ha Ha Ha

I read up on the older message and seen the sick picture on how to not lube your chain!! Fortunately for me the bike wasnt runing i just pushed the pedal and the sprocket cog thing went thro my nail and crushed my thumb!!

Fucking hell if that hurt me, is that bloke dead?!

Watch those fingers.

Both of those guys are alive and well.

I also put a sprocket tooth through my thumbnail once.

hurt like hell of course... and took a long time before it felt right again.

Makes you a little more careful the next time.

Re: Ha Ha Ha

Ron Brown /


I am living proof that it is non fatal, even though I did mine in a fan belt.

I have to say that the pic looks a lot like mine did and it did not hurt much at all, untill they cleaned and stitched it up that is. Blackening a fingernail is way more painfull but I am not recommending cutting them off. : )


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