why would it...

i was riding my ped the other day when all of a sudden it died and wouldn't start, i cleaned thealready clean carb, checked all the conections and they were fine, then checked the spark plug and there was no spark, so i tried a new plug and there was no spark, does anyone here know why it would all of a sudden stop sparking? any advise would be much appreciated



Re: why would it...

XBrandon EdgeX /

What kind of bike? Did you read through Fred's guide in the articles section of "resources" on this site? Check for loose wires around the coil. If it's a puch, check the wires that plug into the horn. If you see any stray brown wires or blue w/black stripe wires not connected to anything near the horn, than that's probably the culprit.

Re: why would it...

one of your wires is disconnected (or a light is burned out). check all your wiring connections. that should solve it. if you have no spark, it's electrical/wiring.

Check yer tail light bulb

Reeperette /

Many peds have the electricals run so that if that burns out, no spark...supposedly a safety measure.


Re: Check yer tail light bulb

the bike is a batavus bingo and the tail light is broken, and the front light does work

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