Now What?

Thomas Evans /

My Garelli Katia Moped runs, but it does also need a new set of points, anyway why do i have to keep pedalling to keep it running? I know all fingers point to the flywheel!! But i have been suggested to get a new condenser? Good Idea?

Does anyone know where i can get diagrams on taking it to bits and putting in new bits on it? im a first timer to mopeds and being 15 money is precious!! No garages will be doing it!! Any websites ill look!!

Also how do i get the front tyre off this moped because the tyre is tubed and the tube is punctured and when i pump it up its flat within half an hour??

I let all air out of it then took it away fromt he bike then used about half a dozen tyre levers (bent three of them) but its to tight?

Will i might have to take it to a tyre place and get one of them to do it on the machine?

Hope someone has got there head screwed on right!!!!


Re: Now What?

the pedaling to keep it going has me confused. do you have to peddle to keep it going well ... or just to keep it running?

did you try adjusting your idle jet? that might help. but it sounds very much like a points issue. especially if you know it needs a new condensor.

look for an article "how to fix your moped" in the "resources" section of this site. also known as "fred's guide", it's a very comprehensive source. follow it up and post if you have any questions.

good luck!

Re: Now What?

for your tire, use some fix a flat.

Re: Now What?

Mike (MA) /

Hi Tom,

One idea I has is that your clutch may be mal-adjusted, so that it's always grabbing. Then when you don't pedal, the clutch is still grabbing and if you're not pedalling, then you're stalling the engine. Maybe try loosening the clutch cable.

I went thru the same business w/ a tire. (Also bent bike tire irons). I ended up buying a motorcycle tire iron that's about 9inches long and very strong. It was $9, but they're much cheaper at, a motorbike supply place. If you keep the bike, it's an investment. A screwdriver usually works, but when it doesn't, it pops tires and puts barbs on rims. Beware. If money's tight, you should be able to patch the tube w/ a regular bike patch kit, $2.99-3.99.

Good luck,


Re: Now What?

Ron Brown /


I posted this for someone else a while ago.

Ped tires should come off as easy as bicycle tires. Bicycle tire irons work just fine. First, be sure the tire is bead is loose from the rim on both sides. Be sure you begin to remove the tire near the valve first and make sure the opposite side is in the well of the rim. When installing tire, begin opposite the valve and finish with the area close to the valve. Again, making sure the tire is pressed into the rim well. Soapy water as a lube can make it easier.

Tel us some more about your idle problem and how the ped runs otherwise.


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