Tomos Maintenance Manual

J. Sailor /

Here's a PDF of the Tomos Maintenance Manual for the Sprint, Targa and Targa LX. It is setup to printed to sided on 11x17. Then cut down to 4.25 and folded in half.

If some wants a print copy let me know and I will send one to you for the cost of printing and mailing. Have fun!

What do you use?

To open pdf files? Is it acrobat?

Re: What do you use?

adobe acrobat reader

Re: What do you use?

J. Sailor /

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free download at

Re: Tomos Maintenance Manual

Whats your email? I'd like a printed copy, and am willing to pay for the printing/shipping...

Re: Tomos Maintenance Manual

J. Sailor /

Re: Tomos Maintenance Manual

Bill Sparling /

Any chance you could send that attachment to me. It's not on the BBS.



Well done, and thank you.

Reeperette /

That should help a great many Tomos owners on this Forum, and save me a bit of runnin round tryin to answer em all, heh.

We all thank you,


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