Pros and Cons? (70 cc kit)

Well, it's time for more speed. I have a biturbo, but an extra 5-10 mph would pretty much allow me to keep up with all the cars all the time. I'm thinking about upgrading to the 70 cc kit...I've heard from some people it sucked total ass and could even hurt the ped (?) and I heard from others it worked like a charm...So, opinions?

Re: Pros and Cons? (70 cc kit)

if you want 5-10mph more ... then a 70cc is overkill (and could ahem kill your engine).

now that you have a biturbo ... get a larger manifold and a larger carburetor. what kind of bike do you have? if you have a dellorto carburetor, you can see if you can get a 15.15 or at least a 14.14. also you can play w/ jets to see what works best.

another option (on top of these things) is to "port and polish" so that your cylinder has larger ports. that should get you more speed.

then there's also changing to a larger front sprocket (or smaller back sprocket). you'll loose acceleration, but gain top speed.

i have a 50cc w/ normal cylinder ports and my bianchi goes over 40mph. it has a dellorto 15.15 (w/ #53 jet), 11-tooth front sprocket, and a polini performance exaust. all these upgrades (including the exhaust) cost me about $150. so it's cheaper than a 70cc kit.

Re: Pros and Cons? (70 cc kit)

well if you want to keep up with traffic then a 60cc might be a good idea because the 70cc kits are disontinued because of numerous problems they are finding another manufactorer and mabye a much better system with a reed valve which would make the 70cc abour 100 times better then it is now. with a 70cc it is very very powerful and will mess up the engine if not run easy for the fist 500k. but after that it will not do damage to engine unless the piston breaks or you use straight gas. what kind of moped to you have by the way

Re: Pros and Cons? (70 cc kit)

I have a ttlx, and I don't know the 2 much about peds, and this being my first, I don't wanna try something on it and mess it all up...So anything thats gonna be done, either I'm gonna need a shop to do or it has to be extremely easy. (thus the kits, a shop could do that) The only reason I didn't have the kit a month ago, or wont have till a few weeks/months from now, is because of price. So anything cheap, also helps drasitcly...

Also, about the kit being overkill...Unless theres something cheaper, (money wise, of course) extra speed never hurts :P.

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