Holy shit...Aerodynamics?

My moped normally does about 38. (ttlx w/ biturbo) So anyway, today, Im riding as its a beutiful day out, and suddenly the rode gets SUPER smooth like it was just paved...Im thinking wooohooo. Then I wondered, how much wind blowing at me actually affected my speed...So instead of sitting straight up, I bent all the way over, so my head was near the steering wheel. Holy shit. I broke my top speed with my ped. I hit 43 mph. My old top speed was 39. I probobly looked like a dumbass bent all the way down, BUT I DID 43 MPH!!!! lol, I was VERY suprised.

Re: Holy shit...Aerodynamics?

Chris Small /

Yeah it works!! My motobecane did 33 mph and when i ducked my head it did a blistering 37...w00t! lol

Re: Holy shit...Aerodynamics?

Yes, in a tuck I get an extra 5 mph, but look silly. fun though

Re: Holy shit...Aerodynamics?

You could slump down real small and take some of that plastic off and ride like the wind! LOL I do it sometimes as I'm pulling out of school just for a laugh. I was surprised at the little boost of speed I got to. LOL

Re: Holy shit...Aerodynamics?

Yup... And if you really want the last few MPH... ya gotta get serious like Rollie Free did at Bonneville a long time ago.... at 150 mph plus

<IMG src="http://www.soc-usa.org/Newsletter/graphics/Rollie34.gif">;

Might be a bit cold to do it this time of year though... : )

Re: Holy shit...Aerodynamics?

yep. when we race, we tuck in tight. put feet together in your step trough, knees tight together. then bend down and compact. you get at least an extra 5mph out of it.

Re: Holy shit...Aerodynamics?

Reeperette /

I value my cojone's a lil too much for THAT trick, thanks...


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