puch clutch removal..how??

how does one go about taking the clutch off a puch?? (1speed) i got the cover off, and theres apparently suppossed to be a nut holding it on, but theres just this cap looking thing, with no obvious way of removing it. anyone every done this before??

Re: puch clutch removal..how??

Well obviously if they got it on , it has to come off :)

Re: puch clutch removal..how??

Mike (MA) /

Hi Tim,

<http://www.puch.net/m-o-l/trouble_shooting/trouble.htm#TOP> has a section on Puch 1-speed clutch adjustment, which might shed some light on your problem. I've never done it before, but supposedly you need a special clutch puller.. some sort of nut/bolt combo which forces the clutch off. That's not to say it can't still be done w/o this tool... I don't know. I have a Clymer's manual that addresses Puch 1-speed clutch removal. If you have access to a fax machine I can fax you some pages on Monday. Let me know...


Re: puch clutch removal..how??

thats the sight that gave me the idea to do this in the first place, but it says to get the clutch off, u have to remove a nut, but theres no nut!

Re: puch clutch removal..how??

Chris MWH /

The nut is under the starter clutch plate. That is the piece that you are looking at . You have to remove that first. It is held on with a large wire circlip that runs oround the outer circumference of the starter clutch disc. The only part that you will need a puller for is the clutch itself. After you remove the nut, you will need a bolt grip puller to remove the clutch assembly. (common item available at Sears.)

Chris MWH

Re: puch clutch removal..how??

do you mean the clutch or the flywheel?

the clutch has a nut (and you'll need a special flywheel puller tool to get that nut off). not sure how the puch clutch looks like ... but you'll probably need some special tools (you do for minarelli clutches).

Re: puch clutch removal..how??

no, i mean the clutch, but i dont see any nut

Re: puch clutch removal..how??

avanti owner (md) /

What is the problem? Is the clutch not engaging? If that's what's happening, try adjusting the tension on the clutch cable on the handlebars. (turn the screw that holds the cable on the lever). I tried starting my ped for about 1/2 hour before I thought of that.

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