how do I know

which kind of puch I have? all I can find is date of manf is 10/80 it has a sticker that says "awesome" on the side under the seat there are no kind of side covers or any other markings that I can see

Re: how do I know

XBrandon EdgeX /

Post a picture and I could probably tell you (preferrably a photo of the right side of the bike).

Re: how do I know

or flip through the photo gallery and see if you find a puch (or maybe even another brand) similar to yours.

the "awesome" sticker may have been just a sticker. i've not heard of a model called that. the most common puchs (step through) are:


maxi sport



look in the "photo" section and see if your bike resembles these or other models. and post a pic. people here are very good at iding models they see.

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