Puch Wiring Diagram. PUCH OWNERS!

i recently puuled the wires apart at the big connecting part near the engine, and i cant remeber which wires hook up where. Some of the wires match up with colors, but others dont, and some have 2 wires going into on hole, from wut i remeber. If anyoine has a diagram, or a puch that they could go and take a look at which colors match up with which, i would be really apreciative. But its gonna have t be a puch made before 1980, cuz they were wired differnt. i took the wires out of the connetor that are going to the controls, not the ones coming from the engine. Like if theres a white wire comming from the engine, and it goes to the connector, does it conn3ect tot a whitye a nd a balck, or what. Hopefully someone knows what im talking about.

Re: Puch Wiring Diagram. PUCH OWNERS!

XBrandon EdgeX /

<a href="http://www.puch.net/puch/trouble.htm">right here</a> at the bottom of the page is a good wiring diagram.

Re: Puch Wiring Diagram. PUCH OWNERS!

thanks. i got it running real good. Im gonna try tuning the clutch too, since the instructions are there

Re: Puch Wiring Diagram. PUCH OWNERS!

If you need seven wire go here...



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