my ped soft siezed

chuck russo (va) /

i rode my moped all the way to my friends house (13 miles) on the way home at about 11:45 down this long ass strech of road and then it just lost power and when that happened i was ready for the rear wheel to lock up, so i hit the brakes and tryed to slow down then the rear wheel locked and it came to a stop. i just cursed at the damn thing for about 20 min then started on the long push home ( about 7 miles ) and after about 20 min of pushing i gave the ped a kick and the motor wasnt stuck but it was had to start and i got it started and drove it for maybe 2 miles at under 20 mph then it locked up again then i pushed it almost all the way to my house and started it again and rode it the rest of the way home

i asked my friend what happened to my ped and he said it was a soft sieze

and yes i know it was dumb of my to restart my ped but im not gonna push a damn moped on the side of the road at 12 at night

this morning i got it started again then it staled about 20 seconds after it started.

i think im gonna pull the top end off tomarrow and see how the cylinder looks, then take it to the shop to get honed/bored and get a new piston and rings

do u think i will have to rejet it if i get it bored?

Re: my ped soft siezed

chuck russo (va) /

i found out what caused it to soft seize..... i ran out of 2 stroke oil in the injector tank. i saw that the tank was getting low the day befor but i forgot to put more oil in it.

i pulled out the stark plug and put about a spoon full oil 2 stroke oil in the cylinder and kicked it a few times to coat the cylinder wall with oil, then i test drove it doen the road and it ran fine, but there is a slight ticking noise in the top end. so im gonna take the top end off tomarrow and see if it needs honed. im thinking it might just need rings

Re: my ped soft siezed

sounds more like you did some damage to the wrist pin or rod if it started ticking, it has to be a moving part to make a tick, but in any event your lucky!!

Re: my ped soft siezed

Jamie Leonard /

Actually had something similar happen to mine (oil feed messed up and it soft seized) - and afterwards it had a slight 'buzzing' noise I haven't ever been able to track down precisely (only shows up at certain RPM's and not all the time) but otherwise the 'ped works fine. No loss of power, no trouble running, seems to be working well. (I have been running it with just a touch extra oil mixed in just to be paranoid however)

Re: my ped soft siezed

premix you two stroke into your fuel and don't bother w/ an injection system. you're lucky you only soft-seized. but check to make sure nothing is badly damaged ... it could cause greater problems later on.

Re: my ped soft siezed

chuck russo (va) /

mine only ticks at higher rpm's, im going to take it apart tomarrow to check the cylinder, piston and rings.

Re: my ped soft siezed

My moped quit yesterday and I thought it was a soft seize. I had recently gone down to the stock jet size and the recommended spark plug (Champion L90) for a vespa moped. I'm not sure why this was a problem, since it is now closer to stock (actually, the jet is still one size larger than stock). I switched back to a plug one step colder (Champion L86) and it is running fine. I guess the recommended plug is too hot and I was experiencing an overheat. I've been playing with NGK B6HS (equiv. to a Champ L86) and the Champion L90. I guess I'll stick to the B6HS. I checked a posting by Fred about plug temp. and it was helpful.


On Tomos Honing/Boring.

Reeperette /

If there's damage, but not too much of it (scratched cylinder walls, scored rings, etc...) - my personal suggestion would be to bore it 0.5mm "over".

Just honing it might still leave you with a low compression issue, and the reason I suggest it is this...Tomos makes an "oversize" piston and 0.5mm over.

Instant solution to a potential pain-in-the-ass problem, and cheaper than replacing the whole cylinder.

Just a thought.


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