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hey all,

the other day i was stopped for a noise violation on the ped. my baffle is gone on my stock bi-turbo so its loud. you see the assholes in my neighborhood called the cops on some guy that had been riding all day and i get home and of course i get blamed. well the cops said i had to get it fixed or no riding. so u know what i did? i went home and put my 70cc borekit on it. i didnt want to do this till i got a new crankshaft but hell its quiet. i figure if i go slow the crank will hold. but i was thinking about making a device that transfers cylinder heat into the face mask and jacket while riding to warm u in the winter. does anyone think this is possible cause if it is im gonna buy one of those plastic things that go around the cylinder and im gonna modify that to heat me. im thinking about using the tubing for a dryer. what do you guys think? is it worth the hassle? well please respond. btw the bike is a 92 tomos targa. oh and if the ped is loud is that really a noise violation? i mean harleys are alot louder and faster and gay looking. so why dont they get pulled over?


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i don't think transferring heat from the cylinder to your body is worth the hassle. it might also be dangerous. but see what others think.

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Steeltoad /

Nice idea but ...

To make a hose reach from the cylinder to the mask, it would have to be both light and flexible, so your choice of dryer hose is a good one. Unfortunately, with that length of thin hose exposed to the cold air, it would probably loose all of it's heat before it reached you. You'd be better off to velcro a pair of electric mittens to the inside of your helmet (doesnt that just sound cozy)

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Don't they make peltier heaters to go in helmits? It seems like I've seen something like that. I don't know if you could wire it to the electrical system of the bike or not but that might be something to look into.


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Reeperette /

>>the bike is a 92 tomos targa. oh and if the ped is loud is that really a noise violation?<<

Unfortunately it is, especially on a Targa.

Go read the VIN# plate on the side....notice that it states a maximum Db at 7200(I think) RPM ? That's the legal maximum for a mopeds exhaust noise.

Now, the stock exhaust doesn't even come close, and with the baffle pulled it's still right around that line, but the BiTurbo with no baffle puts it right over.

The allowable "noise level" is geared on the CC of the motor, I think, and harleys being WAY more than 50cc's, one would assume they are allowed a lot more of it, although it doesn't make much sense, since far more powerful bikes make a lot less noise.

My only real beef with Harleys is that the vibration blows all the seals loose quite quickly, and I hate replacing gaskets all the damn time, not to mention they leak oil like crazy if you don't.


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alright, put some heating tape around the hose you modified. I use to live in a trailer when I was little and we had to put this shit around our water pipes to keep the water warm in the winter, modify a hose and coat it with a thin layer of that shit and then it should hold the heat. I'm a genius in terms of invention, but I have not one ounce of technical know how. I cal all the parts do hickeys and thingie jigs and shit like that. LOL

Don't be bullied,Mike!

Anytime someone tells me they're being hassled by police for noise on a `ped,I get a little agitated.NO WAY that moped is louder than the motorcycles i hear going thru my town! Fight back if they hassle you ,WITH A LAWYER if necessary.The cops don't need to be pushing mopeders around while leaving the motorcycles alone.NOT IN MY TOWN!! Swarm and Destroy unfair laws!

Re: moped heat/noise violation

gimmyjimmy /

hook up a hose from your exhaust to your facemask and breathe deeply.


a moped and Harley owner.

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