I found a puch!!

I was out riding my scooter today and stopped at this older guys house, he has a bout 100 lawnmowers in his yard... I figured what the heck so I stopped and asked and he has an old (70's) Puch buried under about 8-10 lawnmowers , what I could see of it looked to be all there, he said he'd take 60 bucks for it ,but he wasnt going to uncover it until I had the money so it looks like I'll be adding a moped to my stable tomorrow , I said I'd help him get it out and if it was all there I'd go get my station wagon and the money and pick it up wooooooooooohooooooo!! oh and by the way I'll be a callin on you guys for advice so thanks in advance, I'll let you know if I get it and what kinda shape its in

Re: I found a puch!!

post a pic of it soon as you get it. I like vintage LOL! Is it a top-tank model?

I found one too!!

I was delivering pizza last night and saw a Maxi Sport sitting in some dudes field. It looked complete, the chain and rims were pretty rusty, but everything else looked to be in good shape. I'm going to go back and try to talk to someone about it, but it looked like the closest house was deserted. The ped is next to an old (deserted?) buick. And there were so many weeds growing around it that I almost didn't see it. Hopefully the house IS deserted...free moped for me!! But I'm sure they wouldn't want much for it...I probably will offer them 25 bucks or something (if they don't just give it to me - it looks pretty forgotten!) If I end up getting it, I'll let you all know.

Re: I found one too!!

mopeds grow in fields it seems .... lol

Re: I found a puch!!

no its not a tank top, and I dont know how to post a pic ,,, I'm a 43 year old fart that just gets by on this thing,,,

Re: I found one too!!

Ya know. I deliver pizza's at night after work on the days that I don't go to school (at night) and I haven't ever seen any damn mopeds just sitting. I still want a puch maxi!!

What pizza place do you work for?

I work at Domino's at night and for Tricare (Mil. Ins. Co.) during the day. I've been riding my moped to work some and have been the only person to lock anything to the bike rack that they have at work.

BTW, No matter how nice of an area you work in be very careful delivering. A fellow at Pizza Hut got shot and killed two weeks ago. He was like 65 and just doing something to help out with his retirement. Of all of the places to get shot, he got shot in one of the nicest neighborhoods in town. Buncha 3 story houses with $40,000 landscaping in there yards overlooking a lake and stuff. Itsa bitch when you can't feel safe going into even the nice neighborhoods. A girl that worked with me got beat up with a bat and had every bit of her $30.00 stolen along with her car when she was delivering in a not so nice area. You really have to watch out for yourself!!

They'll get ya for nothing. $20.00 buys a good deal of crack (I guess) or at least enough to make you a target.


Yeah, that happens.

Reeperette /

The minute you think yer "Safe"..you ain't.

Although I drive a cab in Flint...I ain't never been robbed, and a couple reasons for it...mostly the folks round here are kinda intimidated by a puny, nondescript dude who ain't by any means afraid of them, and the second being that mosta the crew that'd be likely to try, are friends with me.

I ain't in the business to get rich, and I make enough money, so if yer a little short and need to get to the courthouse/bus stop/whatever...whats $2 to me in the long run ? - I'll get ya there, no worries.

Ergo, I don't have much problem with that....but I know how it is, no fool me, I have the Lexan Armor panel with turnstile, and anyone trying anything funny is gonna get a "ride" that would make Nascar drivers quiver in horror.


Re: I found one too!!

I too work for Dominoes, in Grand Junction, Colorado. Luckily I live in an area where the violent crime rate is very low, In the 2 1/2 years I've worked there I've never been threatened, robbed, or anything like that. But just cause it has never happened doesn't mean that I assume I'm safe. I take all the necessary precautions as a driver, and just in case, there is a 32mm wrench in my driver door.

But I'm surprised that you've never seen any mopeds just sitting there waiting for you. 3 of the 5 mopeds/scooters I own I found while I was delivering. And right off the top of my head I can think of 6 peds (only one is accutally running, the rest are just sitting) that I found while delivering. I admit, I have a hell of an eye for the things, but I guarantee that in your town, there are mopeds sitting in peoples yards, in plain view, waiting to be found/rescued/brought back to life.

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