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if you put this < before and this > after you post a url, someone reading your url can just click on it to go there

For instance <http:.//www.cosmotors.com> Just an fyi!


B Perkins /

You have to have a valid url as well,but you get t

B Perkins /


Re: URL's,

I have never yet been able to type in that info about ebay.com and get there yet ,,, it is always an ilegal operation, except the one Wayne B did about cosmscoot or something

Try this

Re: URL's,

gimmyjimmy /


You need to "copy and paste" an address, I'll try to explain how, I hope.

1. left click and hold it down then drag the curser across an address until it's highlighted.

2. right click and a small screen will appear, it might say: undo-cut-copy-delete.

left click on "copy"

3. move curser to address bar and left click on that. the current address should become highlighted.

4. right click on highlighted address bar and another small screen will appear, it might say: cut-copy-paste-delete, left click on "paste"

this should transfer the new (copied) address to the address bar, then hit "go".

there ya go, I hope I explained it right, clear as mud.

maybe someone else can make it easier or explain it better.

good luck,


Re: Try this

gimmyjimmy /

that's alot easier Fred,

i was typing up my directions off line when you made it simple as a click.

You Do ?

Reeperette /

>>You do have to register with a valid credit card number to buy or sell at ebay though<<

I never did...didn't know you hadda.....I've only bought one item (an engine), and I don't use credit cards, considering them the most evil thing since the inquisition.

I just use a check, it makes em easier to track down and hassle if they screw ya, cause they hafta cash it somewhere.


Ya sure do.

Notice I didn't say you had to PAY with a credit card.

But you have to register at ebay before you can buy or sell now.

And to register... you have to give them a credit card number... that makes you "somebody"... otherwise you are just a collection of pixels making promises.

It is also how ebay collects from you... when you sell an item there... they bill your 'credit card'... (debit card in my case).

And registering as a buyer with a credit card weeds out a lot of lowlifes and kiddies who are just dreaming (but bid anyways... then don't pay... ooops!).

They instituted the 'everybody registers' about 6 months ago I think.

It used to be only 'sellers' had to register.

The way you pay a seller.. is between you and the seller.

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