Cosmo scooter?

This looks pretty cool. Does anybody know anythng about them? Are they well made or junk? Thay call it a moped but I don't think it is. I can't tell from the pic.

I hate buying off of eBay though. Has anyone seen them in any shops?

Re: Cosmo scooter?

Re: Cosmo scooter?

I think thats actually a Avanti Garelli


Re: Cosmo scooter?

XBrandon EdgeX /

Yeah, it's the same bike as the Avanti Supersport with a Garelli VIP engine. Pretty solid bikes, but right now, alot of people are having problems with the transmissions locking up at full speed on the newer ones, so you might want to wait until this problem is fixed. It sounds like the problem might just be that the dealer's are forgetting to fill the transmissions with fluid, but other people are saying that it's a faulty part in the transmission.

Re: Cosmo scooter?

From the pictures i've seen their not just the same bike, ( Avanti Superport and Cosmo Stinger), their identical. Is it just a different importer bringing them in or what?

Re: Cosmo scooter?

It's been a while since this post but has any body confirmed that the Avanti Super Sport is the identical moped as the Cosmos Stinger ? I would love to hear from someone who has actually seen them.


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