I just want to say thanks all *read*

Arterious /

Okie, my moped is up running and working perfectly! it even idles right now, the idle problem was a combo of the air intake rubber boot and the exhaus was clogged AGAIN ... damn thing. anyway. All thats left is for the Stand spring to come in using a bungie cord till it does works good too =) and to plug in the head light one came loose and its DONE!! BWAHAHAHAHA THANK GOD!

I want to thank everyone that helped me go from knowing absolutly NOTHING about peds to the point i am now! The biggest thanks goes out to REE, you really know your shit man I can't thank any of you enough, happy and safe rideing all!!

Re: I just want to say thanks all *read*

Wat to go,Arterious! Be careful now! You've got her running!Stay away from cheap quality gas and mix it right.Yeehaw!

Pull the Exhaust Baffle.

Reeperette /

If yer cloggin that bad, I would yank the baffle....once it gets that gunked up, removing it does nice things for the performance, and the more "aggresive" exhaust note is quite charming too.

Remove the little flathead screw on the very end of the exhaust and use some vice-grips to work the whole end (baffle and cap) out...if the baffle doesn't come out with the cap, just pull it out with the grips.


Re: Pull the Exhaust Baffle.

Hi There, Don`t remenber type bike you have but if it`s a Tomos, they sent out a buliten on how to fix it so it wont clog the baffel as often, can`t explain it but will snail mail to someone who can post it (diaghram) Doug D.

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