Don't take it personal.....

........guys,but I've GOTTA SHOUT IT OUT ! YEEEIIIPEEEE!!!!! It's time again for my SEVEN DAYS OFF WORK IN A ROW AGAIN !!! I can't help it.I think the weather's gonna be great down here,and I got my Polini kit comin',and I want to ride,ride,away!So forgive my shouting,please.And enjoy yourselves as much as `ya can.

Re: Don't take it personal.....

Speed safe, friend!


Re: Don't take it personal.....

Thanks,Jim! I'm taking a couple overtimes to help defray the expense of the parts I ordered,(I always hate to do this `cause I love to do the whole 7 days in a row thing)but I've already had 3 sizable moped trips already.I'm gonna post an experience I had day before yesterday.Have a great time!

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