Tomos Streetmate

Does anyone have the new Tomos Street mate???

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John Joedicke /

Hey Bug you need to qualify that. In Canada. Only the demos around, but soon.

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I do, i got 'er October 14, 2004. i just rolled over 960mi 5mins ago! Best darn ped in the world in my eyes!!

pic attached of my bike!


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man that is ~such~ a beautiful machine. i have got to ride one of those.

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you have to ride one to appreciate one man! I am gonna keep this ped untill i die. they are really collectors ya know. 50th anniversary Tomos Streetmate! Love mine to death!! They pull right up a hill of any size with out peddling too! they have torque like a 4-stroke!

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How many HP does it have? It doesn't look like it would qualify as a "ped in California.

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3hp...but they dont know that. in ohio, it's 1hp or less, but i had no trouble what so ever regestering it.

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I did ride the demo some time ago. Nice machine. I would have to wait many months until they arrived. I wanted to ride now, not in the summer. I hear that they have arrived, but are waiting to clear Canadian Customs and Transport Canada's checks.

I still would like to get one, but may have to wait a few years now. Unless my Bullet disappears one day.

I want to know if there is any major difference between the regular Tomos Bullets A35 and the Streetmate A55. Hill climbing etc.

I hear there is also an exhaust kit available already for this just like the bi-turbo.

Does this bike need to be kitted like the Bullet, or is it ok as is?

Re: Tomos Streetmate

Yep! StreetMates and Revivals are the best moped out there to be had that's new,in my opinion. don-ohio

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a stock Streetmate will run 35-40mph stock. They climb hills like no other ped available, and the electric start is pretts nice. also, the disk brakes are a neccessety for any moppeder thats new to riding a 2-wheel vehicle, or rides on the roads alot. The Streetmate will stop on a dime and STILL give ya change back lol!

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