Bing Carb Numbers

Hi, i have a puch maxi II, and i broke the carb that is on it :P

good way to start a post, i know. Anyway, it's numbers were 1/12/314, which arent the stock Maxi II carb numbers. I assume the previous owner switched them out.

Anyway, i got a new bing carb, (same size, 12 mm) from ebay. Now, this carburetor does not have the same numbers, (its numbers are 1/14/157).

I assumed that if i use the jets/float etc from my old carb, there will be no difference. Am i assuming correctly? What exactly changes from carb to carb with these numbers?

thanks - Monty

Re: Bing Carb Numbers

im not sure what changes with the #s but i do know that peds are very picky about intake and all


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Re: Bing Carb Numbers

yes, i am using the same intake as before, so it should be fine.

Re: Bing Carb Numbers

Monty ,,, those numbers mean that it's a 14mm carb... you lucked out! it'll make your ped go lots faster especially if you have a biturbo cause it has a bigger passage for the gas and air... you need to get a 14mm manifold to really improve performance but it will run fine (better thatn the 12mm carb) with the 12mm intake in the meanwhile! I'm looking for one of those on eBay myself!!!! GRRRRRRR!!!!! :P

Re: Bing Carb Numbers

haha, rock on.

oh btw, i think my intake _is_ and always _was_ a 14 mm. I took a look at mine today, and saw a big number 14 stamped on it :p

is it safe to assume that i have a 14 mm intake?

Re: Bing Carb Numbers

yes thats the perfect combination for maximum performance!

You lucky dog!! :P

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