I'm a Rogue Mopeder: Looking for work

austin garvelink /

In the past, I've been asked to join the moped army but I turned it down. However, I respect the Moped Army because of its organization and values. I ride for myself but will sometimes accept mercenary work if the price is right. The work I specialize in is as follows:

Stolen moped recovery $50

Stolen moped recovery with thief badly beat-up $150

I will steal mopeds ( non Moped Army mopeds) $200

The arson of mopeds (non Moped Army mopeds) $100

Moped drive-by shootings $5000 per hit

Moped get away driver $75

Moped escort $20

Moped Marijuana Pick up and Drop offf $25 1/8

Well if your intrested in any of these then either email me johnanderson87@hotmail.com or call at 616-553-3334 ask for austin

Re: I'm a Rogue Mopeder: Looking for work

Simon King /

Funny, I don't remember you being asking to join the Moped Army.

I don't think anyone will be needing your services considering that the Moped Army has a flawless track record for getting stolen mopeds back.

Also, stealing or setting fire to any moped, Moped Army or not, will be harshly looked upon by the Moped Army.

Re: I'm a Rogue Mopeder: Looking for work

25 dollars for an 1/8? wtf thats such a rip off . 1/8's sell for 15 delivered to the door


Reeperette /

And as fer clobberin...well, I don't take it too nice to have a respectable monopoly compromised....besides, why would anyone pay you when I'd do it fer free ?


Simon, by the fact they posted a phone #, this is prolly a harrassment of someone else, so I suggest we archive this post and pull it, keeping it handy in case the owner of that number wants legal recourse.

Re: Heh

if we see a rogue mopeder doing that kind of shit ... moped army WILL hunt him/her down ...

Re: I'm a Rogue Mopeder: Looking for work

Man I'm old, I remember when 1/4 of a pound was 90 bucks you sold 3 oz for 30 and got yours for free, hahahahaha back in the 70's


OOPS! I just pissed myself laughing so hard at this post! Get-UM REE.... Doug.

Re: Heh

Simon King /

Actually, I asked around town and some other Moped Army kids know him. I don't get if this post is a joke or not. I guess he has a Solex. This shit is strange.

Re: I'm a Rogue Mopeder: Looking for work

gimmyjimmy /

what's your fee for finding Bin Laden?

Re: I'm a Rogue Mopeder: Looking for work

Yeah, but the quality was crap. Nothing like hydro.

Re: I'm a Rogue Mopeder: Looking for work


Moped arsen is silly

anybody that would do a drive by for that cash is already in jail

Paying to have someone beat up will get you in trouble much faster than a bat up side their head or a stick or something like that

I'm not gay so I really don't need an escort and if I wanted one, $20.00 is too cheap for anybody that would look half decent

If someone stole one of my mopeds, I'd go and find the damn thing. and I would bring a stick or a bat or something that would help me out JUST in case they were bigger than I am. (Most people are)

An escort? I thought they still called it a male jigalo or something like that

I don't smoke pot. (regular drug tests kinda kill that one)

Did I mention that burning a moped is silly. I'd be imbarrased if someone found out I did something stupid and destructive like that and you should be to.

You should also make sure that the person paying you wears a condom to. If all you charge is $20.00, you will probably be getting some fairly rank customers


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