Mopedarmy chat on IRC now

I'm sure someone else might have a channel, but I just set up #mopedarmy on

Point your IRC client (MIRC on Windows; iChat, Xchat etc on Mac) at and /join #mopedarmy

Let's get our chat on!

(This was inspired by the "what's your IM username" thread. IRC is so much more fun, like Yahoo chat but without so many idiots.

Mopedarmy chat on IRC now

hey kid, are you like in middle schoo or what? still using IM?? HA ah

Re: Mopedarmy chat on IRC now

Actually, I'll be 36 later this month.

I rarely use IM. I use IRC quite often, mainly in Linux/BSD tech support channels, where I find answers to my questions, and assist others with theirs.

You do realize that IRC is not a form of IM, correct? It's more like multiplayer notepad.exe.

Thanks for asking.

Re: Mopedarmy chat on IRC now

Brendan Connolly /

oooh, burned!

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