Hell's Satans slogan

> as one of the founding members of the hells satans, i felt i should ask

> about you 'ride fast-live slow" shirts as this has been our gangs motto since we

> started up. many of us even have it tattooed and stickers were made with

> this slogan. i don't know about you but i'd rather not have a t-shirt

> slogan tattooed on me.

> i was just wondering why it was used and why noone even asked us. other

> members of moped army have been talking about it and wondering if there

> slogans might be used also. we honestly aren't angry just kind of curious.

> thanks, pat

> hells satans

> live fast- ride slow

Oh really? Someone who wrote us signed their message with this and we

thought it was great. We had a shirt that said Live to Ride, Ride to Live

(the old motorcycle cliche) and we changed it to this. Honestly didn't

know it was your branch slogan. Sincere apologies, didn't mean to step on

anyone's feet. We'll pull the shirt and go back to our original design.

With all due respect,

Moped Fever.

Re: Hell's Satans slogan

wait a second, Living fast and rideing slow is not made up buy one group, I've had co-workers who rode "big bikes" that said that same thing to me years ago.

And it's a great name but it was "taken" from the Simpsons.

Just sayin it's just a t-shirt

Re: Hell's Satans slogan

That was the episode that Homer lost his license, and had to ride Lisa's bike, wasn't it???

Re: Hell's Satans slogan

yes sir it was

Re: Hell's Satans slogan

Damn, I'm good. That was nearly 4 years ago I think. How old is this group mentioned above?

There might be a Trade Mark issue with Fox TV regarding the saying.

Re: Hell's Satans slogan

i dont think Pat's issue is with who said it first

if you watch the Simpsons you may remember the Hells Satans Episode

Re: Hell's Satans slogan

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

Its probably in the public domain. ie: no copy rights or trade marks. Jim.

Re: Hell's Satans slogan

I too remember that episode lol. I'd keep the shirt. Just change the design. I'd buy it if it wasnt A. Off Center... and B. Scribbled. If you made it more streemline and had it go across the chest... like a black-shirt with white letters, and then have like an outline of a moped underneath it.... something like this....


Re: Hell's Satans slogan

Now that's the kind of feedback we want! thanks!

Re: Hell's Satans slogan

No problemo mopedfever :)

Re: Hell's Satans slogan

i liked it off center & scribbled. i actually liked it better than most of the other ones.

Re: Hell's Satans slogan

No way man, makes it look too much like a Wal-Mart shirt... some stupid No-Boundaries shirt or something... The other design makes it almost look like a Hot-Topic or Aeropostal shirt. Little more style to it.

Re: Hell's Satans slogan

i was just wondering what was going on, after getting many very polite emails from them and finding out it was more of a misunderstanding,

i told them to put the shirts back up. i never intended for them to cease and desist or anything like that, just curious.

i hope they do well as with any other moped related venture.



live fast-ride slow

Re: Hell's Satans slogan

by the way it is not the episode where he rode lisa's bike, in the episode he wins a motorcycle at a dance contest and starts a gang with lenney, carl, moe and flanders. some of the various things they ride are avespa, a lawnmower and other shit.

Re: Hell's Satans slogan

LOL there's a video clip of that online somewhere!!!!

Re: Hell's Satans slogan

the video clip was on our website

Re: Hell's Satans slogan

Thats where you put a link, Amy. :)

Re: Hell's Satans slogan

will you send me a free shirt?

Re: Hell's Satans slogan

yes john ill send you a free shirt.

hey dan how bout you leave the t shirt designers to the people who know what they are doing, like graphic artists.

Re: Hell's Satans slogan

Thanks, oh... wait... have you SEEN any of my artwork? No? Ok... that was a 10 second Paint job... If you want, gimme a half hour and I'll make something you'll wear.

Re: Hell's Satans slogan

less talk more action

and where's my 50 bucks?

Re: Hell's Satans slogan

thanks chris,

and by the way that's not the same dan that owes you $50

Re: Hell's Satans slogan

awe damn. my bad man (dan) i thought you were someone else, some wack ass kid that tries to say that he's a hells satan when he's not. he's just some sort of punk that claims to be a moped hustler. sars

Re: Hell's Satans slogan

No worries man.

Re: Hell's Satans slogan

"will you send me a free shirt?"

Ah, er...... no. But thanks for asking.

Re: Hell's Satans slogan

yeah. that font is icky. i mean i love the artwork of ralph steadman. but using that writing is no bueno you coould easily use illustrator and do your own scribble that looks rad.

Re: Hell's Satans slogan

i for one really liked the shirt as is, and was about to buy it, but not until paycheck :p

Please dont pull it!

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