scooter found in gr

im from Grand Rapids, MI. my scooter was stolen around a month ago. i got it back if anybody cares. but if anyone esle has a moped or scooter that was stollen i kind of know the people to talk to to get it back. and they will tell just about anything thing for 5 dollars. mine is almost fucked beyond repair but it is possible to get it back.

Re: scooter found in gr

Matthew Scholtens /


Good to hear the rest of the story and that you were able to get it back. Good luck fixing/replacing/repairing, etc. with it.

Matthew Scholtens

Re: scooter found in gr

let me guess they live near sigsbee, I have had 5 friends get stuff stolen around giddings and wealthy is that where you found out.

Re: scooter found in gr

glad to hear you got it back! good luck with the fixing..........

Re: scooter found in gr

How about turning these scumbags in to the police and everyone will get their units back?

Re: scooter found in gr

Vimy Ridgeway /

Sting 'em!

Re: scooter found in gr

i dont remeber the guys name that does it. and if i ask around for it again, then he magically gets picked up. chances are im gonna get my shit fucked with one way or another

Re: scooter found in gr

Timmy Southpark /

I wouldnt pay money for that... i'd whoop the hell out of him. Thats crap, its your bike, dont give him money for it.

Re: scooter found in gr

ok, i just had my vespa rally 200cc stolen a couple days ago, i live in east town, i just put up a post before I came across this one. It was stolen once already, and after putting up reward posters it popped up around sigsbee and barth. Let me know who i should talk to. I think the police should get involved here, i don't know if they can do too much, but it might make them think twice about stealing there next moped. I really want this thing back, so if you could help me out, i'd greatly appreciate it, give me a call or float me an email



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