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Shawn Godfrey /

What would be the best setup to use for a streetmate to get maximum speed? i was thinking of jetting it, getting a new pipe, and putting on a 24 or 22 tooth sprocket in the back. what do you guys think?

Re: streetmate speed

I have a streetmate and I can tell you that the best thing to do is install a 24 tooth rear gear. The only way to get a jet or pipe that will fit that is in a speed kit. I have heard its not going to help you much. I put an airsal kit on mine then you can use other a35 parts to hop it up.

Re: streetmate speed

Chuck Poynter /

Yeah, like t03 said putting the kit on does makem go. But keep in mind you also need a different carb and intake. The new style on the A55 does NOT fit the kit !

Also. How much do you weigh ?

22 will make you fast on top end but , if you weigh alot you will maybe have to pedal on some hills.


Re: streetmate speed

Matthew Westberg /

Yeah, it's a very torque-y bike, I'm gettin' the 24-tooth rear gear myself.

Re: streetmate speed

With as much power as that bike has, I'd put a 22 in the back, and a 27 in the front. A standard Tomos has 26 in the front and 22 in the rear, the exrta tooth would give it just a hint more top end, but the 22 in the rear is the crucial part for the top speed. I run the 27/22 setup on my 1980 Tomos, and it runs awesome.

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