HONDA NC50 not sure of year..

need to know what kind of oil to put in, will it mix itself and any otehr specific information about the motor/oil/gas that i need to know about...thanks!

Re: HONDA NC50 not sure of year..

i have normal 2 cycle oil idk if there is SPECIFIC oil i need to put in...or how i jsut fill the oil tank to the top? :-/

Re: HONDA NC50 not sure of year..

Leon Swarmer /


The NC 50 doesn't need premix. The ped uses oil from the oil tank and an oil pump to mix it with the gasoline..

There are many opinions on 2 stroke oil. synthetic or not..etc.

You can do a search...BTW the tranny takes separte oil.. give it a check too OK There should be a VIN plate on the frame where the forks attach and it will tell you the year.


Re: HONDA NC50 not sure of year..

thats alot...couple mroe questions i have is...what kind of oil...jsut regular 2 cycle oil? or is it soemhtign specaial...becuase on the sticker it says .... "Use Honde 2 stroke Injection oil" and all i have is jsut doesnt say injection or anything... :-/

Re: HONDA NC50 not sure of year..

Jonas Quimby /

See my response to your other post.

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