OT - Photo Size???

Why do some photos pop open within the monitor screen and others appear to be monster size that take 2-3 minutes to open and the screen has to be scrolled both up and down and side to side to view the whole thing?

Should anyone posting a photo do something to bring the size down to a manageable size?

Please advise

Re: OT - Photo Size???

Don Pflueger /

some people use a program to shrink the photos dpi size down so that those who use dial up can open them without it taking hours to down load. i use photo express to resize my pics. its annoying trying to view a pic with a huge resolution.

Re: OT - Photo Size???

Chris Slamminson #116 /

I'd say a photo no larger than 800x600 pixels should suffice since that is the minimum screen resolution. There really is no need for humongous photos, unless it's a scan of a document.

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