has anyone ever crashed?

How bad??

I just got mine today.. i put about 26km on it around the house little streets.. plates dont come in until Monday....so cant go far....

I was doign well up until a few hours ago i hit the grass jsut to see how it handles but the night is cold and the grass was wet... and the bike stated slipping forward without me i held on tight but that revved it and made it worse i almost lost complete control but eventually got hold of the brake and whaled it...

was dark i didnt realise the grass was soooaked.... but i didnt get hur or anything...little spooked tho....other than that the bike rides wicked....!!


Re: has anyone ever crashed?

yes, On the track

High sided and it was fun!

Re: has anyone ever crashed?

A guy who used to post here had his leg bashed and he ended up losing it. friggin' cagers.

I was run over, a lot of the regulars have. if you keep riding it just makes you safer and meaner in the long run.

if you really want 'reminders' of how dangerous it is, search the forum for 'dead on moped'

or start a new thread:

"relink or post your gross accident photos"

you'll see some awful stuff.

You hear people say 'crash and burn' well, one M.A. member actually did... crash then moped goes up in flames.

For me, the worst part of the whole accident was being in shock. You can see the blood spurting and hear yourself screaming but you just can't stop.

I came out of shock, the sweetest old woman, like a grandma angel or something.. she was stroking my forehead (one of the few spots not bleeding) and telling me I was going to be okay..you're ok...

For anyone ever in trauma-shock you might know the feeling. when you snap out of the deep-shock and the brain reboots. you can't feel the pain but at least the cpu is functioning... you stop screaming.

Of course the first thing I did was look at my leg...which was broken and burst open... and it wasn't bleeding. I thought that was weird since I associate seeing snapped bones and ripped muscle with lots of blood.

I went back into shock, I think, when I looked at my arm.

It was spurting blood and I realized that the reason my leg wasn't bleeding was because my body was trying to keep blood in the upper body to keep the brain going.

then I just remember being in the ambulance... memories are crystal clear on that.. just from the moment of impact to the ambulance doors is weird... very vivid but sort of foggy.

ride safe-- lots of people die on mopeds & I'll bet there's a high percentage of us who have been to the E.R. from a moped or M.C. acccident.

Re: has anyone ever crashed?


what happened on that one? was it a dumb mistake or sut an average ride adn someone elses mistake?

Re: has anyone ever crashed?

I had right of way, going downhill. One way street, no stops or lights, 3 lanes, I'm in the center forward lane going to speed on a biturbo 2000 tomos (39 mph?)

the street is a steep downhill. State Street. It's 3 lanes but cars parked bumper on both sides.

Grey street intersects State. State is a main road, grey is a small-ish side street that crosses state.

A guy in his mid-nineties was looking at traffic BEHIND me, not at me. So he thought he could cross... and didn't see me coming at all.

I smashed directly into the drivers side door, my arm busted out his window, the moped buckled against my leg and I went cartwheeling over the car. my arm 'bashed' apart from impact but was also cut up by the glass.

When I cartwheeled over the car my leg (pinned by moped) was dragged, gouged and snapped-- I think the moped broke my leg but the huge scoop of missing leg flesh was from where my calf was gored by his mirror (the metal left from where the mirror was)

I landed on my left knee (the already mangled leg) the knee split open like a grape hit by a sledge. then... the weird screaming & shock-- try to stand on a busted leg.. that hurts...

it was his fault, absolutely. I was in the hospital for a couple days.. plates in my leg stitches and staples in my arm and a hole in my leg that looked like a gunshot or sharkbite-- so gross... see the fat and muscle... yuck.

they were treating him for 'severe head trauma' till they realized it was my arm blood that was drooling out of his eyes and ears. I bet he was scared shitless when I ran into him... I know If someone hit me like that I'd be terrified... "THUMP", "SMASH" "AArrrrrrghhhhhhh".

at the time I had a lot of college loans, was a perpetual student to keep my loans in deferrment. I only had one moped, a new 2000 targe. riding a moped to two 2 1/2 hour college classes a week (and I had an honors degree--already.. couldn't afford the loans.. cheaper to pay 1200$ for a couple night classes than 1200$ a month for loan payments...

I got a check (mine, all mine, no taxes, no medical..just mine) for $76,000

yeah.. I was holding that check..looking at it..... thanking god that I ride mopeds. Paid off the student loans, bought a house, bought 10 or so mopeds...got a few cool computers and a racing scoooter.

Next time there's a hummer on your tail--- don't get upset. Just smile knowing you can come to a complete stop in 10 feet. if it's got those temporary dealers plates.. it's got quadruple coverage so the dealership can't get sued.

Think of it... you're in court... with a foot high pile of medical bills and mental therapy... explaining how your life has changed since your MOPED (and you) were punted to bejezus and back... missed school... depression, can't ride the mopeds you love... and your obsessive compuisive mental issues mean that every day you don't settle is another visit to the psychptherapist...

"doctor, all I can think about is my horrible accident.. I want it to end"

SUV's sometimes act really offensive aggressive and dangerous. I know my head isn't wired correctly.. but if you are in a HUMMER tailgating a moped... you had better be prepared. You might endanger 100 mopeds... but there's gonna be one guy who says

"you want to pretend you're gonna run me over? you better be prepared to do it. Not only will I die on my moped (a fine way to go!) but my wife will live in a palace"

Yeah.. a hummer with dealer plates riding your ass after you cleaned the brakes... it's like poker. Some foool might call that bluff... not only lock up the brakes... put your feet down too. go from 30 mph to zero in 10 feet.

Can the driver of a tailagating hummer stop 5 tons of metal in 10 feet...?

nothing's as attactive as that cardboard temporary 10-day dealers plate on a new hummer.... I don't remember playing megabucks today.

As soon as you pick up that cellphone.... heheheh....

you'd have to be crazy to think like that.

Im not as crazy as I really am, thank god.

Re: has anyone ever crashed?

I had something simular. Was a truck though. Riding on a side road which had a center lane for emergency vehicles. A 18 wheeler was on my ass, about 2 feet away. He thought he was cool because he was higher up and faster. I was doing 70km/h and was really pissed off with this guy. I started to slow down. Did I mention it was posted a school zone of 40km/h. Here in Toronto, cops don't bother with mopeds. We are restricted to travel between 50 to 70 km/h, 3 feet from the right curb.

Anyway, as I was slowing down, this trucker started to blow his air horn. At this time, he was a foot away from my helmet case. Pretty scary. He then decided to try and pass me in the emergency lane. He was too busy intimidating me, that he did not see the cop doing radar in the center lane. Guess what. Head on with the cop car. I was forced to dump the bike onto the side of the road which was grassy, thank god, and rolled around while watching the car and truck do there thing. Luckily for the cop, he was on the other side of the road giving some-one a speeding ticket.

The trucker, was not hurt. Too bad. But he now has to respect mopeds. We are vehicles too and have a lot more power than they think.

Re: has anyone ever crashed?

yea i agree what you got was a miracle.i was in the hospital for about two weeks cuz i was riding my moped on a public road that was all pot wholed and i was doin 35.my front tire hit the pot whole and made my whole moped flip. except not onto the ground but onto me. i had 3 bronken ribs and a shateered arm and a fracture skull. the scareiest part was in shock i agree too. it was soo scary jus to feel all this blodd coming out of me.

at first once i was done with all the rehab i went on a ride jus to get use to it and i was a little wobbly but what you got on the grass was a gift from god compared to sum of the shit that other people havce gone through.

Re: has anyone ever crashed?

You said it. I have had several near misses. Between 18 wheelers misjudging your size, speed and distance and certain types of drivers who plainly have no peripheral vision because of something or another.

Re: has anyone ever crashed?

In 18 years of riding, I have fallen twice on the road.

- First time, it was on ice. I was riding a Kawasaki KZ-750 in late February, and hit a patch of ice as I was turning left from a one-way to another one-way. Probably going about 20mph.

- Second time, it was on dry pavement, again turning left from a one-way to another one-way. This time, I was driving on a completely shot front tire, and tried to make the turn at full speed (35mph or so). Fell down right in front of a cop.

Both cases were my fault, pure foolhardiness. I was also wearing full equipment in both cases, and suffered no injury.

I have never had a collision with another vehicle, nor with a fixed object. I have had several terrifying close calls though, the kind that left me shaking for several hours.

On one specific occasion, I was a hair's breadth from losing my life, but escaped totally unscathed. Coming up a cloverleaf at 50-55mph on my T-500, I overshot my planned line (I was simply going too fast, in a hurry of course), and intersected with a semi truck that was in the right lane. I was in a full crouch, right peg dragging, and my line took me partially underneath the semi trailer; the bottom of the trailer was inches from my helmet. I somehow averted panic, held the line, and took the next cloverleaf exit. The whole thing took about 2 seconds. Most important 2 seconds of my life.

Re: has anyone ever crashed?

Vimy Ridgeway /

"We are restricted to travel between 50 to 70 km/h, 3 feet from the right curb."

Kevin, that's not the case at all. We have to respect the speed limit, and there is no proviso that says moped riders have to stay 3 feet from the right curb. In fact, that's the worst place to be because drivers cut you off turning right, and the cyclists get pissed at motors in their lanes. Best to drive in the middle left of the lane so the driver behind can see you.

Re: has anyone ever crashed?

heh.....you guys are freaking me out now!!

Thanks for sharing tho

but yeh thats pretty crazy...i supposed ti depends on what city you live in to....

I woudlnt want to drive a moped in Toronto much. too big with too many crazy drivers there....ive almost been smoked so many times in a car there.....

Kitchener is smaller ppl are less agressive here..

Re: has anyone ever crashed?

Vimy Ridgeway /

Will, have you ever done the Grand River ride through Doon and Blair and into downtown Cambridge?

Re: has anyone ever crashed?

Actually David, it is in the Highway Traffic Act. Depending on the type of road and speed. The act states that mopeds are actually pedal bikes with small engines. The act is being reviewed now after over forty years of new technology.

I hang out with cops and they printed off a section. No-peds can ride the center oil slick like bikes. The new act also, when completed within the next 100 years, will change the definition of a moped and size of the engine. From 49.9cc to 51cc.

Cops don't bothers us because most do not have a clue what a moped is. They are told they are like motorcycles, thus leave us alone. I have been stopped twice because they are curious. One asked to see my M license, and other did not believe I was speeding.

David, if you measure a standard rated street road, 50 to 70km speed. You will notice that 3 feet is actually just a foot from center. I do drive like a motorcycle because I have been cut off many times by drivers who do not see properly.

There have been several occasions I have passed slower vehicles. Then they get pissed of and floor it passed you. Also, those modified Honda Civics. They think it is cool to show off in front of you, showing that they are faster. I have to re-assure myself, I spent the fraction of the cost fixing up my bike and what I spend on gas compared to the Civics.

Re: has anyone ever crashed?

Vimy Ridgeway /

Hey Kev, not a big deal, but since when is 3 feet from the right curb a foot from centre? That would make a lane only eight feet wide. SUVs would have their right tires on the shoulder. About the speed: you can go on just about on any road unless the speed limit is above 50 mph. That's 80 kph right on the nose.

Re: has anyone ever crashed?

Maybe we shop picket for moped only lanes. Since Vespas' and Tomos are big sellers in Toronto.

Re: has anyone ever crashed?

i've only been driving with about a years total experience on a moped and i've come to the realization that 99% of cage drivers dont seem to give a damn about your personal safety nor do they bother to even try to accomodate you on the road.

I almost got myself into major trouble with an 18-wheeler last week, typically i'm always faced with lunatics on the road weither it's tail-gating, passing _in front of red lights_ or just being a jerk and trying to share your lane.... the 18-wheeler was bad though.

i was doing about 32mph on woodroffe avenue, it's one of our longest 2 lane streets and horribly notorious for major accidents, but i had to take it. there's a junction between our 417 highway and a bridge on woodroffe and as i was driving up the hill at maybe 25mph now this enormous trailer (it was a gas carrier!!!) comes powering up the ramp to join woodroffe north traffic, i didn't see the bastard look left once!

so i panic and start waving madly with my left hand (kinda nutty i know) to try and get his attention because from the looks of things i only had one place to go, under his wheels the traffic on my left side was heavy and i couldn't change lanes without crashing into someone else. by the way this whole stretch of bridge is only about 200m long...

i'm waving and waving with no noticeable reaction from the driver, and i'm sure many of you had this feeling before but i thought _shit man im going to die, f** im going to die right here man holy s**_ and it all seems to last a lifetime

so i look into my left and right rearview and there's this blue pontiac actually slowing down, and i figured _this girl might be letting me in, maybe she sees my situation_ and the girl is waving her left hand telling me to pass so I lean left and gun the engine _just_ as the final 12 or so feet of truck come up right beside me. and the amount of WIND this thing put out as it went beside me nearly pushed me into the guard deviding the opposite traffic. if felt like being pushed in a shopping cart with no control of where you're going. but i held on for dear life as the rest of the trailer passed me and things went back to normal. wow i wanted to pull in the brakes and give that pontiac chick a big kiss for being the vessel that saved my ass.

Re: has anyone ever crashed?

Nope not yet. i jsut got it yesterday.. i dotn get plates on it til tomorrow.... but you will see me tomorro!!

you have one too??

whereabouts you located?

my buddy is getting one today :)

Re: has anyone ever crashed?

yikes.. was she hot??

nice work......

not a lot of 18 wheelers plow thru the city here and yh the wind from those push lil cars around easy enuff.. so i can imagine...

Re: has anyone ever crashed?

I think a standard piece of equipment for mopeds should be a long extendible poll with a hook on the end. Why you ask. On both sides of transports, there are the air tanks for the air brakes. There is a little emergency release valva on each tank. These valves are connected to a wire. In case the driver panics when I slam my F^%$& brakes on, he can pull his emergency lever for those brakes.

Also, with the poll, you can pull it for him if he/she fails to notice you. Trust me, they will notice you when their rig locks up. I tried this on a truck trying to do a left turn from the right lane while I was in the left lane. He kept coming. He was going slow enough that I caught the wire under his passenger side door and pulled. He stopped, fast. It takes them several minutes to reset them and recharge the brake system again. Enough time for you to get the F*&^% out of there.

Good luck.

3 feet (ping David)


I swear we could get a state- by state chart and blow peoples minds.

In Indiana you can be 13 on a moped.. if you're a red headed stepchild...

NJ you need pedals...

Some states have FLAG laws.... whassup w.that? but I'd fly a flag anyhow.

Other states--- MAXIMUM moped speed---15mph. So... I doubt they enforce it but anything over 15mph and you get pulled over.

In maine you MUST "Ride as far to the right as practicable" I like that wording. Doesn't mention breakdown lane, bike lane travel lane... just 'as far to the right as you can go'

Also, in maine, even in a 20 or 25 mph speed limit it is ILLEGAL to ride two mopeds abreast. go figure.

I wouldn't be suprised about "3 foot" wording... knowing the craziness on the books. Someone claimed in Maryland or delaware the mac cc for a moped was 65cc and no 'manual or automatic' wording.

A crash, spill or bloody mess?

If I posted evety time I'd laid a bike down I'd pe posting for days.

one of the best is I locked my front brake up in sand, on purpose.

"Honey, this is why you use your rear brakes on sand"

my wife watches as the moped goes out from under me, I hit the dirt and start bleeding.

"What in the hell is wrong with you?"

What do I say? you married a retard? I just said that I didn't want her to do it.

I have no idea why brain told hand to lock up front wheel. Wookies don't live on endor.

rode into a chain at about 8 miles per hour... stopped the bike but not me.

I'm amused when I hear someone wipe out on antifreeze in front of cool chicks at a stop sign... but I learn more from hearing how you guys took the BAD situations and either got hurt or saved your ass... those are the stories I think might save MY ass someday.

if every kid on a new targa that went on gravel, during a wheelie or whatever... if we get to many people posting about 'wet leaves' it'll be boring.

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