for you gearheads

We love the symmetry/design of cylinder heads. They're just cool.

(okay, last one... check out our site next week!)


Re: for you gearheads

jesus christ, that is the finest thing i ever did see. It suits my taste so perfectly!

and i was all set to buy a new sprocket. Guess that will have to wait :p

Re: for you gearheads

Lol. THat shirt's awesome! Who'dve thunk to put the top end of a 50cc on a shirt. Makes an awesome design!

Re: for you gearheads

(Obligatory Simpson's quote)

"Oooohh.. a sarcasm detector, that sould be reeeal useful.."

Re: for you gearheads

Brian Mikami /

Now THAT one I like! Very kool.

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