new Tomos

I just got my new 2005 Tomos A35 Targa!


i just put on about 18kms and wanted to go for more but the wife called me in...

lots of fun,,

some kids yelled at me though,, they either said "nice bike" or "dyke" not sure... go with the "nice bike" one.

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There's a group of Motorcycle chicks in MA that call themselves "Dykes on Bikes" rofl

Re: new Tomos

Do you mean the Targa LX tank top,or the step through,which is now called the ST.I just bought a brand new,still in the box black "03 ST.I only have about 20 miles on it so far,but I already like it way better than my Kinetic TFR.I'll probably be selling the TFR soon.

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Nick Napolitano /

Nice. I was thinking about getting an 05' targa LX myself after I dump my moped. Let us know ho fast it is after you break it in.

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Congatulations! One question though, I thought all 2005 Tomos engines are the A55? I guess that's not true?


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i got the 2005 Tomos ST. (step through one)

it's an A35

i now have 35 kms on it. i opened here up and was amazed to get it up to 55 km/h! i'm 235lbs!!!

i'm happy.

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Re: new Tomos

I have a 05 Tomos Bullet. Wait until you break it in more. Say about a few hundred km. I am 280lbs. I have the Bi-turbo, modified air intake and a 58 jet. I also get an average of 65km/h, but slower on hills. I have over 700km on the bike and it is only a month old. I ride the bike everywhere. Even to the airport in Toronto. I am looking at the 70cc motor, more because of my weight. Put it this way. I had to loose over 50lbs before riding the bike.

As everybody says, have fun with it, and enjoy.

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wow Buglife!

i can't wait until mine is broken-in!.

question, did you get a owners manual with yours?

Re: new Tomos

No, you don't need it. Usless.

Where did you get yours?

Re: new Tomos

i didn't get a manual either..,

i need to know how to check the gear oil?

Re: new Tomos

Call Mr. Moped and ask for Chris.


They know their stuff.

Re: new Tomos

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