Re: Chris Rocks

Ian Steedman /

I ordered my athena speed kit for my tomos a bit ago and the manual choke levers for the carb were not in stock so he set me up with a cable and lever untill he gets them in. Also he swapped out the biturbo to a Estoril for me and when i could not get it to bend to the right angle he offered a header that would fit. Chris rocks!

Re: Chris Rocks

Yea I have had experiences with many shifty moped dealers, MOPED WAREHOUSE IS AWESOME!! I had quick and immediate service and shipping, MWH earned my loyalty.

Re: Chris kicks ass

I have known Chris for 20 years..longer then most riders on this forum.Chris knows his sh_t! It is my first hand experience that Chris helps everyone and he always tries his best to answer all questions and share his experience even with those who don't buy parts from him! Chris keep up the good work and Good Luck at your new location! PEUGEOT1 ...p.s. Hey Karl get a life

Re: Does Anyone Know If MWH Is Done?

Well Chris my expierence with your company was lousy. I would scan The date on the box and post your e-mail to show how inconstistant you were, but I don't really care. You said parts were coming and they were late, by over a week, this caused me to miss an appointment with a machine shop twice. And when your order did come it was incomplete and had to drive over to my mechanics several times to drop of parts. Then you say you accedentally e-mailed yourself. Getting a hold of you was impossible. Usually businesses have customer support. Then when a customer voices his opinnion, you delete his account, that's very unprofessional.

Re: Does Anyone Know If MWH Is Done?

Brian Mikami /

As with the majority of folks who have ordered from MWH and dealt with Chris, I have had fantastic service. Smitty was building my motor and really wanted it done to test/break-in for his ride. I explained this to Chris and he sent the parts ASAP BEFORE I even sent payment! Unheard of with ANY business out there, especially this being my FIRST order with him. Parts arrived, motor built, but Smitty wanted a BiTurbo pipe to match my setup so he could make adjustments in his tune up. Again Chris sent ASAP, in time for the ride. I still have'nt gotten my invoice for pipe/ship despite my emails to him, but I can understand the chaos during a big move. So Chris...PLEASE send me the total I owe you for the pipe sent to Smitty...if you are reading this.

I'll still need the Amal choke lever if you have time to make one work for the Maxi as I do have the motor here now still assembling, but close to done. I won't need the 2 air filters (made the stack already) so no need to send those. But let me know if you can do the choke lever. Thanks for everything...and as a business owner over 20 years, I commend you for doing a good job, and, we all know, you can't please everyone.

Re: Does Anyone Know If MWH Is Done?

Obviously you're in the minority here Karl.

As with freedom of speech you also have freedom of choice:

1. Quit complaining and take your moped business elsewhere.

2. Keep complaining and lose credibility in the face of Chris' good reputation here..

3. Recognize that businesses are operated by human beings that can, and do, make mistakes. When you're moving a shop things can get hectic. Also most folks can sympathize that when you're waiting for a part two weeks can seem like a month.

Chris has presented his side of the situation much more conclusively than you have. Obviously he has to. He has a reputation to uphold.

Re: Does Anyone Know If MWH Is Done?

See Ya Moped Army /

<I would scan The date on the box and post your e-mail to show how inconstistant you were, but I don&#8217;t really care.>

You cared enough to badmouth Chris here, so why stop now? Sounds to me like sour grapes. I've been around the moped scene for a very long time, and Chris has always been my best and most reliable source for parts.

Chris/MWH = awesome

Peter Denenberg /

no one else I have ever met has the depth of knowledge and willingness to share it that Chris has....

Re: Chris/MWH = awesome

Dave Peterson /

I sold some NOS parts to Chris that have become lost in the FedEx system, and Chris has been great about the whole thing. Nothing but good things to say about Chris.

Re: Chris/MWH = awesome

Jimmy Ruskie /

Yea, Chris is the best moped guy I've ever dealt with so far.

What bad timing....Chris is in the middle of moving shop and I need a new spark plug wire for my Avanti Autopower moped. I'm sure he'll email me back once he's settled in.

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