what to buy?

Hi there..

I'm new to this scene....basically I'm looking for something that doesn't look too scooter like but can get me around town.. I'm looking for something that goes at at least 65km/h would prefer a lil faster.......

I was looking at a Targa LX 2001 for $2000CDN is this a good deal??

as well what is top speed?

I am only looking to spend around $2000CDN

preferably woudl like soemthign you do not need an M class license for ..... woudl be riding on street to work and back...

Any Suggestions woudl be kewl


what to buy?

i think $2000 sounds too high. mopeds are expensive up here, but that's a bit much i think. you can buy a brand new tomos for $2000. also good freaking luck getting something that goes 65km. i would go for an older one myself, you can kit some of them out to go that fast. and it won't cost you $2000!

Re: what to buy?


What ones can you kit? where can you get kit and how hard is it to mod?

Im new to this so i have no idea....

whats a good model to get thats fits criteria i mentioned?

They don't make any that go 65km/h ?

most local roads here are 60km limit... would like to be able to at least match that...

Re: what to buy?

well, if you're looking for fast there is a shop in oakville called mr. moped, or get ahold of freddie from the toronto gang, he sells new tomos bikes. he's a great guy and i'm sure he can answer any questions you have.

Re: what to buy?

you can get ahold of freddie at www.simplymopeds.com

he has a brand new tomos bullet for $2000 CDN

Re: what to buy?


I've emailed him..still no response yet.....

so there are NO mopeds that go faster than 50km/h ????

that sucks! heh.. i wanted one to get around ont he city streets but like the limit is 50... I dont want to have to max it out just barely hitting the limit on most streets....


guess ill have to get my m license and pay through the roof insurance rates on a bike'

thanks again

Re: what to buy?

no, there ARE fast mopeds, you'll just have to get a new one or kit an older one out.

Re: what to buy?


Well in that case can you give me any models that do?

Or some good ones that you can recommend....

Is that simplymoped place the only place to get from?

How hard are they to Kit?


You're really quick with replies too!

Re: what to buy?

PS: Is it possible to Kit a Tomos LX to make it go up 70 km/h ?

Re: what to buy?

you might be able to get one that goes that fast already. they're pretty fast.

Re: what to buy?

Leon Swarmer /

If you haven't checked insurance rates for the mopeds, better do that first.. and be sitting down Canada insurance rates are deadly.


Re: what to buy?

yeh...if i get uner my name it is $134CDN / month

but under a relative of mines name it is only $33/month

because shes over 40

so.. thats not too bad....

Re: what to buy?

Is Tomos LX the fastest moped...

I see the new ones on those sites the LX seems to be th quickest posts speed max 49km/h

Any of them built faster than that???

id rather not mod to get 70..... id rather have it go 70 and mod it to have a bit of spare....

I like the LX because it looks more like a bike.... id like to get one of those...

is the posted max speed on the sites jsut what the regulations are do they actually go faster than that?

Re: what to buy?

Timmy Southpark /

About the fastest stock bike is your targa lx. I would get a new 2005 with electic start.

Re: what to buy?

Most mopeds are dezined to go faster, but are then modified to go slower to comply with moped laws that vary from place to place. Depending on the bike you get, it could be as simple as changing the exaust to gain the speed you want, or you might need to do alot more.



2001 Tomos Targa LX


Body is mint

Has new Exhaust on it.

I test drove it.....got it up to 60km no prob....

Comes with basket ont he back and helmet

$2000 CDN no tax.

Seems good to me?

The websites i was checking out are around 2200+tax then need to buy helmet and basket.....plus new mod to speed it up..

but i have no idea really.. what do you guys think.??

tell me asap as it might go fast..


well, you seem desperate, and it goes as fast if you want right? I say go for it for a few other reasons too

The tomos is probably the easiest bike to find help with and parts for. If it goes 60 kph stock, you could buy parts in the future to make it go those 5 extra you've been desiring.

Go for it will, i hope to see you around the Army forums some more :)


thanks!! any other opinions?

and if ig et one of these ill be here everyday im sure :)


hey if ur looking for speed then put a raptor kti on it. tou have to break it in but it made a puch go 60 with an a3 motor if you had a raptor kit on a tomos targa lx then it would go mad fast.or if u want some more power afta that then email me cuz ill give you a site for a N.O.S. moped kit.


K i got a 2004 lx for a almost the same price as the used 2001!!

with new exhaust....

simplymopeds.com !

Haha tell him WIll sent you and he'll give you a wicked deal..

thanks lindsay....


Hey Will: Remember don't give it full throttle for long periods during the 500 km break-in period. You gotta bring it in for the first service, (at 500 km) for the warranty to be valid.




My buddy is getting some $$ together.. you should see him soon




If you need anything faster, here you go! See picture attached! You can enjoy it only for couple of days though!



Looks fun but i dont want speed in bursts i want something steady....

not for awhile tho...need to get used to riding it first......

Hey Freddie....one of the screws at the front came loose one of the witres out of place

gonna do a walk around tomorrow and make sure its all good...tighting things up.. etc

cant ride it much til monday when i get plates neways.

at 500 km i might ride it up to Toronto....

cant take the back way... nice scenic two hour trip :D

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