puch measurements

Someone please give me the length and height of a puch maxi... would it hurt anything to have a moped tilted sideways in the back of a small SUV?

Re: puch measurements


Re: puch measurements

dont have the measurements for you,

but i've tipped my maxi in the back of a subaru station wagon, so it should fit in your suv (with the seats down of course)

I suggest making sure the gas tank is empty

Re: puch measurements

i hauled a puch cobra around tilted, you just have to worry about leeks. dont tilt too much or the engine might flood and that is a bitch to fix. a small thing that takes a long time to deal with.

Re: puch measurements

I fit my Maxi Lite into the back of a jeep cherokee this week. If you have an allen wrench you can tilt the handlebars down and it was able to stand up in the back end (with half the seat down.) /

Re: puch measurements

thanks guys, if fit in my suv just had to tilt it sideways

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