Tomos Revival on ebay

J. Sailor /

Is the Tomos Revival finally shipping? I know they have been in the works for a while. This is the only place I've seen that is selling

them. Most places reserve just one for you.

Re: Tomos Revival on ebay

Wow-- That's great I can't wait till more of them hit the dealers so we can see about upgrade kits and bi-turbo, etc.

What a cool moped--!

Re: Tomos Revival on ebay

Reeperette /

I do not think it is...and I smell somethin fishy, especially bein that said address being less than 30days old with zero other sales...doesn't reassure me.

I would hate to pay up front only to find that you won't get it till it ships....

There's also the possibility this might be a floor demo model, which'd be ok, but you ain't likely gettin parts for it too easy.

Apparently this place is in Chicago, and if it happens to be on the way to some function the roomie hasta attend there, I might have a personal looksee.

Me, I prefer product-in-hand when I fork the cash over.


Re: Tomos Revival on ebay


Tomos, one of the largest suppliers for BMW, has raised the bar on modern moped technologies. Tomos designers have brought characteristics traditionally found only in high-end motorcycles and have developed an entirely new breed of moped.

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