Can anyone Convince my mom :-( ?

Hey guys. i was thinking of waiting till next year and getting my targa tagged, but i found out someone has gotton it stolen from them and they scratched the Vin # off, so im screwed, i was looking at some other mopeds and scooters and came accross one, its kind of a scooter cause it doesn have peddeles but is like a moped cause its under 50 cc , its like the streetmate but made by a diffrent company.... After telling my mom that i wanted one and i could earn the money myself and that it wouldnt effect my bank account money for a car , she says "no" , She says that im gonna get hit by a car, but out of everyone here, how many have gotton hit by a car? My town isnt really that crowded anywayz, im trying to get here to realize, i wouldnt need insurance, a motorcycle license, or have to pay a fortune on gas, im a reasponsible driver, i just cant convince here, You guys got any idea on how i should work here into saying yes?

Re: Can anyone Convince my mom :-( ?

Brentus Sioux y Cycle /

I don't know man, you're in Melbourne. Not sure what part, but it can be dangerous there. Still things can happen in the most isolated places. Your mom is just being protective, as anyone who tells a loved one driving on four wheels or two wheels to be careful.

I'd make sure you get insurance on the moped so maybe you'll be better if it does get stolen.

Just be persistent, but not a pest. Keep trying and maybe she'll eventually do it.

Re: Can anyone Convince my mom :-( ?

my ticket was getting good grades

Re: Can anyone Convince my mom :-( ?

Also you should make the promise to wear a helmet, it worked for me !

Re: Can anyone Convince my mom :-( ?

Yea, would wear a helemt

maybe ill dump the grades and helmet at the same time, lol

more hlp appreciated.

Re: Can anyone Convince my mom :-( ?

Timmy Southpark /

naw, you should wear a helmet... for your life.

Re: Can anyone Convince my mom :-( ?

No, i meant tell her both things at the same time.

Re: Can anyone Convince my mom :-( ?

Leon Swarmer /

You are 15 and a responsible driver in Florida???

Are you licensed in any way? Would the scooter need to be titled as a motorcyle?

CAn you take a motorcycle test at 15?


Re: Can anyone Convince my mom :-( ?

A few questions you gotta answer for yourself, and then you can answer to your folks:

1. When you turn 16 are you going to want a car or a motorcycle instead?

2. Do you have a need for your own transportation?

3. Can you ride through 35mph or less streets to school, work, hangouts in your town?

4. Will you have money to pay for gas and two stroke and are you willing to do regular maintenance like cleaning carbs and oiling chains? (If you're already handy with a bicycle, a moped should not be much more difficult.)

5. Will you always wear a helmet (regardless of state law)? Do you know the moped laws and riding regulations for motorcycles & mopeds in your state?

When I was 20 I started riding scooters and mopeds, and my folks were all against it. They thought I was going to kill myself, but I always wore my helmet and I also got my motorcycle endorsement. Still, I crashed twice within the first 6 months of riding. No matter how safe you try to be, accidents can happen. This is a fact of driving no matter what. Still, if you are a safe driver and have a well-maintained moped, you minimize your risks of getting seriously hurt. I'm also a firm believer that being a rider makes you a better driver. Your parents can take comfort in that.

Re: Can anyone Convince my mom :-( ?

I would wear a hemet and everything, i no accidence will happen, i guess i would get a motorcycle indsurance,.

Re: Can anyone Convince my mom :-( ?

Edward Richardson /

Try announcing that a friend has Kawasaki 1000 that he's going to sell you for not much money and that the thing runs great, can do wheelies, and goes 140 mph. Be convincing, the friend is going to show you how to ride it, you've always wanted to ride, the moped was going to be too slow....The moped will seem tame in retrospect and she'll give in.

Re: Can anyone Convince my mom :-( ?


That suggestion Edward made probably would work. But maybe tone it down a little bit. Tell them that you're thinking about giving up your moped for a dirt bike since you aren't allowed to ride a moped anyway, and that you have a friend that wants to give you a dirt bike. Parents hate dirt bikes more than motorcycles. Tell them you want to learn how to do 1/2 pipe flips and how to jump over a few cars and other such tricks. Explain to them that since dirtbikes run on dirt, they don't have to be licensed... So why not?

Tell them that the longer the moped is parked in the garage going no-where, your interest in mopeds decrease, and your interest in motorcycles and dirt bikes increase. That might work.

I know it's a little bit of arm-twisting. It sucks. But with irrational people, you have to be irrational.

When I was 15 going on 16, which is a long time ago- I did a wheelie with the lawnmower rider and my mother caught me.

So... She said that there was no way in hell that I'd be allowed to have my learners permit. I told her that since I can't drive anyway, I might as well become a drunk.

And I did exactly that. I became a severe drunk and drank almost a case a day for a month and my mother hoped I'd stop, but I only got worse. One day at 16, I got drunk on 4 bottles of russian vodka. REALLY DRUNK, crawly drunk...

My mother made me a deal that if she allowed me to have my learners permit, that I'd stop drinking. I told her that I'll do it... ONLY if I was allowed to have my drivers license as well as having no restrictions whatsoever with a car. It worked.

And I kept my end of the deal. I only drink 1-2 times a year literally, and have been that way for the past 10 years.

Of course, being totally passed out on vodka caused me to have a distaste for drinking. But of course, my mom didn't need to know that at the time. :o)

Looking back, though, I did have some guilt but it was worth it. I told my mom about my distaste for drinking a few years later, when it was too late. But she was okay with it, since I had proven myself to be a good driver... Basically. ;o)


Re: Can anyone Convince my mom :-( ?

YAY~, my mom said yes, i just gotta wear a helmet and keep all my parts and mopeds i rebuild out of her way and not a mess.! thanx everyone!

Re: Can anyone Convince my mom :-( ?

Brentus Sioux y Cycle /

congrats man! hope you didn't let ol Randy down! `~'

Re: Can anyone Convince my mom :-( ?

Matthew Westberg /


Drive safe eh? Best way to repay your mom is to validate that trust she's put in you. ;)

Re: Can anyone Convince my mom :-( ?

Or do what I did. I saved the money bought a big bike and one day I came home on the motorcycle. Yeah mom and dad said it was dangerous, and that I was crazy, but I think they were proud of me.

I was a little older than you probably are, but still. The piont is that you need transportation. Ask her if she is willing to take you everywhere you need to go, whenever you need to go. Tell her that your growing up and she needs to trust your judgement. Tell her you don't want to waste so much money on a car, and that you don't want to pollutte so much.

See what her reactions are.

You need to be resposible. Don't ride while intoxicated. Wear a helmet, obey the rules of the road, and anticipate. Honk the horn if you are unsure, or if you see other motorists not paying attention. Last but not least do preventive maintenance on the ped, carry a puncture repair kit and an air pump. You might also want to carry a first aid kit son.

Re: Can anyone Convince my mom :-( ?

I'd check for a vin in other locations on the bike. cars have them stamped all over. If not, you could go to a junk yard and find a frame of the same make and model. I guess the other thing to do is call your DMV and ask them what to do. I bought a boat once when I was 14 and I needed to get it registered but when I went to the sec. of state office it didn't have any serial or vin numbers. They assigned it a new number and that was it. It seems a shame to not be able to use a good moped on such a technicality. I'd search all the options of getting you're current one re-titled or a new vin assigned. good luck!

Re: Can anyone Convince my mom :-( ?


I remember what it feels like to be 15. It's not easy to wait until your 16 but maybe that's what you ought to do.


Re: Can anyone Convince my mom :-( ?

Wait?? What on earth for??

Live fast... ride slow... and ride a ped at 15!

Re: Can anyone Convince my mom :-( ?

insurance and gas prices alone are enough to convince most

Re: Can anyone Convince my mom :-( ?

Brentus Sioux y Cycle /

Do like some of us did. Not have a ped and then after the early twenties, have enough money to get a few of em and ditch having to drive a car all the time.

Re: Can anyone Convince my mom :-( ?

Date girls who can drive! no gas no insurance! No problem!

Re: Can anyone Convince my mom :-( ?

Zach -

welcome to my world

its been 3 years now and my puch maxi luxe has been fixed up and all by me and my mom and dad still wont let me plate it

i have a car and all but i love anything with 2 wheels and a engine

so im gining in this year and selling it on ebay for pickup only

im hpling to get enough money for a new welder

maby ill get somthing like $250 out of it

runs great and all

i have to move from NJ to CA

then buy a motorcycle :-)

Re: Can anyone Convince my mom :-( ?

Why wait? Because he is uninsured and if he gets hurt he's screwed! Where's there no fault on an uninsured driver? Noda it doesn't exist! Also if he hits someone else or damages their property there is no insurance to cover it. So, what happens then? His mom will have to shell out the damage costs in cold hard cash.

So is it really worth it?


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