I'm healing up quickly, for those that have asked. The injuries were:

Stitches in a bunch of gashes and slashes on my arm-- that healed the fastest, only scars now.

My knee was bashed apart, but no bone injury-- that healed quickly too-- i've got about a 5" scar that runs across the top of the knee.

My ankle/leg was broken, and they put some hardware in there-- I'm walking fine, although some days it gets really sore for no reason.

The only remaining injury, yet to heal, is the wound on my calf. on the front of my leg, on my shin, there was a huge chunk of missing flesh. Originally, it was about 5 inches long, 2 inches wide, and at least an inch deep.

now, it's like an inch by an inch, and only about 1/2 inch deep. it was the worst, because it hurt like hell, and had to slowly regrow, because it was too big, and the doctor couldn't stitch it.

For those who didn't know, I was riding down a one way street (the correct way) it was kind of a main road. It intersected with a side street which crosses the street I was on. The car driver had a stop sign, I had the right of way. I was going down "State" street. He was on Grey street, crossing to continue travelling along grey street.

He thought it was clear, and stomped on it to beat the cars (who were a little further behind me). He didn't see me, because I ended up driving square into his driver side door. My right arm smashed out his driver side window, and the moped pinned my right leg between the car--

So, when I went flying through the air, my leg was still wedged between the car and the moped. My leg got all messed up by being pulled out from between the moped and the car as I flew over the roof.

I saw stars, and when I regained some composure, I realized I was screaming, but the screams sounded really weird, because I had the wind knocked out of me.

There was a ton of blood all over the place, and some nice old lady was helping me calm down and stop screaming.

I was only about 2 blocks from the hospital-- so that was lucky.

I got the wind knocked out of me, I think by the roof of his car..... my knee got smashed once by the car, and again when I landed in the street.

When the ER crew was cleaning the wounds in my arm, they put saline solution into one of the cuts, and it shot out of the other cuts all over my arm, like a fountain, or in a cartoon when someone drinks water after being shot.

The med students had not seen anything like that before-- they were all amazed.

But, it was Aug 19th it happened, so We're going on three months---

When I showed people my injuries without telling them what had happened, some thought it looked like a pit bull or a shark bite--!

Once I get a settlement, I'll get some really cool tatoos to cover the scars.

Good attitude,Wayne!

You don't seem to be lettin' it get you down,and that helps a lot.Also,load up on all the Anti-oxidant vitamins and lay off too much sugar.It'll help you heal faster.Fish oil capsules will keep your skin nice and pliable too.I know all this `cause my little woman has read every health book comin' and goin' and tried every one of her cures out on me! I just told you the ones that I know do a lot of good.

Re: Good attitude,Wayne!

great to hear about the recovery. keep up the good spirits. semper fidelis.

Re: Good attitude,Wayne!

Hi Wayne, Glad to hear your healing up good, I had my knee cut on a few times, waiting on a replacement now, I`m only 50 and they wont do it till I`m 60..... stupid I think... But hang in there! Keep on pedding.... Doug D (VA)

Re: Good attitude,Wayne!

Rich King /

Keep up the good attitude guy. I am just glad you survived to ride another day. While the healing process is a long one, it will go by quickly during the "off-season".

I hope you get a cool replacement PED to go w/the cool tattoo. Is a "Whizzer" considered a MOPED? Check out those while you are recouping. Heck, check out every ped you can think of, it will be a "healthy mind game" and doesn't cost a thing.

Like to hear that you are back riding soon.


Re: Recovering

Reeperette /

Heh, I was still riding with that damnall torture device pinned into my leg....I wrapped some clothesline around the most stable lookin piece and hung it from the handlebars of my trike, till they took it off.

The best therapy in the friggin world is getting back on a moped and ridin it...makes one feel almost human again...tho I had the luck to make my first after-accident ride on a near-perfect spring day.

Kinda freaky at first, but the twitchies go away in a mile or so, I know.

My most 'interesting' memory of my wreck was layin there with this awful pool of blood around me, being mistaken for a corpse....and then nearly giving the EMTs a friggin heart attack trying to bum a smoke from them....and weaseling a cup of coffee outta the docs the instant my eyes flicked open from the anesthesia they hadda use for surgery.....and the poor damn fools thought I was gonna DIE ? me 'death' is just kind of a speedbump on the highway of life, thump-bump...and keep goin, not like it's gonna kill ya unless you let it.

Injury, kick it's ass or it kicks first some days you win, some days it does...but when ya win every day, you know yer recovered even if all the pieces aren't complete yet.


Re: Good attitude,Wayne!


It's a matter of time, and you've made it this far. Evel Knievel made a career out of breaking bones. He's still around.

Glad to hear you are not turned off to the two wheel trip by all this.

You'll be riding soon enough!


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