Help me ID this moped! =)

<HTML>I'm working on getting my first moped (lovely site, BTW, stumbled onto it and it's a well-used bookmark now); I need to find out details on something called a 'Jyro'.

I've absolutely immersed myself in mopeddom in the past while but I've never seen anything called a Jyro before. I don't know if the person I'm negotiating with spelled it wrong, but I found a Honda Gyro, a bizarre-looking little contraption with a canopy. I also found a broken link to a 'Jyro-X' apparently also made by Honda.

If anyone at all knows, I'm just interested in who makes it and if it's any good. =) I'm supposed to be getting some pics of it tomorrow; I'll post a link to them here if anyone wants.

- dom</HTML>

RE: Help me ID this moped! =)

<HTML>Maybe a "JAWA" they made a series named "X20, X25,X30 the numbers represented mph capabilities of each model.</HTML>

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